Fairfield Collaborative for Youth Mental Health

The Fairfield Police Department, Fairfield Public Schools, and Fairfield Department of Human and Social Services are proud to announce the launch of the Fairfield Collaborative for Youth Mental Health.

Formed in response to key areas of concern identified by the Town's three departments, the Collaborative has created programs addressing mental health issues including anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, depression and suicide, and obsession with social media.

The Collaborative hosts monthly series tackling these issues and providing parents and others with information and resources to help support the mental health of their children. The speakers are:

  • Jay Taylor, LCSW – Raising Confident and Healthy Boys: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Resilient Men (02/07/2024)
  • Vince Benevento, LPC – Healthy Minds, Smart Devices: Fostering Positive Online Experiences (03/6/2024)

    To register for programs or for more information, please EMAIL: fairfieldcollaborative@fairfieldct.org.

*programs subject to change
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        Nurturing Tomorrow's Resilient Men
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