Building Permits

Online Permit System

You can apply for, and track your application for permits with the following department(s):

  • Plan & Zoning Department
  • Conservation Department
  • Building Department
  • Engineering Department 
  • Sewer Department

Please note that only the department(s) above are conducting their reviews on line at this time.  You must still come to Town Hall in person to obtain approvals for most building permits from departments that are not yet on line.*  You can apply for your building permit at the link below, however, your application will not proceed until you have received approval from the Town Plan and Zoning Department, the Conservation Department, and the Historic District Commission (if applicable), to ensure that the proposed work will be permissible.

 * Exceptions - the following building permit types do not require other departmental approvals:

  • Alternate Heat Source / Decorative Appliance
  • Plumbing
  • Chimney Liner
  • Gas Piping
Departments that are not yet on line:

  • Fire Marshal (at 140 Reef Road) - 203.254.4720
  • Health Department - 203.256.3020
Apply for your building permit at City Squared: Please do not use the Safari Browser when using CitySquared, they are not compatible.

Apply for permit

Permit fees are calculated based on the cost of construction per $1,000 in value. Fees will be determined after our review and a request for payment will be emailed to the applicant. The schedule of values can be found in our Forms and Documents section.

Instructions for the CitySquared online permit system: