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4/1/2017 - Apply to Work at the June Special Election

Those interested in being appointed as a pollworker at the June 6th, 2017 Special Election can now sign up to work online.

Serving as a pollworker is a rewarding experience that gives residents the opportunity to participate in an important civic event, assisting our community by ensuring that the voting experience is fast, professional, and enjoyable for all Fairfield citizens.

Pollworkers must either be registered voters in Connecticut, or (for certain positions) 16- or 17- year olds. Each pollworker will be required to attend a pre-election training class, and will be paid a stipend for their service based on the time and position worked. Pollworkers must be comfortable performing their duties in a strictly nonpartisan manner, and are prohibited from performing services for any candidates or political parties on the day of the election.

Click here to access the online signup form, or contact the Registrars at (203) 256-3115 for more information.