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11/15/2021 - Voter Nondisclosure Requests

The Registrar of Voters office occasionally receives requests from members of the public to conceal their name and/or address from the voter list. Voter lists are public information, and in addition to being a source of solicitations from political campaigns, these lists are sometimes published on the internet or obtained by commercial vendors for various purposes.

Normally, we advise people requesting to be hidden from the voter list of several options:

  • Voters may apply for address confidentiality if they meet the Safe at Home program's eligibility requirements (generally victims of domestic abuse)
  • Voters may request that their address be concealed if their position is listed among the Freedom of Information Act's list of public safety positions eligible for non-disclosure
  • Voters may request that they be removed from the voter list entirely and take advantage of Election Day Registration (and simultaneously submit a removal application) so their name is not subject to disclosure during the rest of the year

In 2021, several changes were made to the CT General Statutes; first, specific dates of birth are no longer allowed to be disclosed for any voter in response to any public records request, which hopefully addresses some privacy concerns. But an additional change permits any voter (not just those meeting narrow criteria) to request that their name and address be withheld from disclosure by making a request in writing to the Secretary of the State's office. Voters must sign under penalty of false statement that they believe nondisclosure is necessary for the safety of themselves and / or their family. 

Our office has sent a small number of forms to randomly chosen voters to measure interest in this newly created service; if you received a pink postcard in November you may return it by mail after signing it and we will submit your request to the state. If there appears to be widespread interest we will consider incorporating a notice to all voters in our 2022-23 budget. 

If you are interested in this service and would like to request a postcard, please come to our office at 611 Old Post Road and we will supply you with one.