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11/2/2021 - Mask Guidance

We have received a media inquiry regarding the mask guidance inside our polling places and wish to make it clear to any voters who have questions.

Connecticut has a mask mandate in all school buildings, which has been reiterated by the Fairfield Public Schools central office. We have directed our pollworkers to offer each voter who is not wearing a face covering a complimentary face mask. If a voter states that they are unwilling or unable to wear a mask, we have directed our pollworkers to offer them an opportunity to vote in their car. If the voter is unwilling to use these accommodations, we have directed our pollworkers to allow them to vote at a designated voting booth inside the polling place.

Because some of our pollworkers were not clear about this advice, we produced a memo for the Moderator at each polling place to review with each unmasked voter to make this policy clear. Voters are not required to sign this memo, it is intended for the Moderator to complete to ensure that they are not disenfranchising any eligible voter, and our written instructions to them makes it explicit that no voter should be required to sign this memo as a condition of voting. (The form does not have a space for a signature.)

We understand that people are anxious about voting procedures and COVID issues, and we want to make sure that people's rights are clear to them and to our volunteer pollworkers without escalating these anxieties further. We want every voter to know their rights and every worker to know the rules.

We have confirmed with our staff that no voters have been turned away from voting due to mask restrictions, and if any Fairfield voters have any concerns that were not explained in this guidance we invite you to call us at (203) 256-3115.