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11/2/2021 - 2021 Municipal Election Results

Below are the currently-available results from the 11/2/2021 election. Results will be posted as they arrive at Fairfield Town Hall. We customarily publish machine-counted results first with later updates concerning write-in and hand-counted ballots in the hours that follow, and this page will be updated as each phase of counting is completed.

Connecticut election law provides for a recanvass of votes (informally called a "recount") in any contest where the difference between the last winning candidate and first losing candidate is less than 0.5% or 20 votes, and in such cases ballots are examined for voter intent (such as a voter circling a name as opposed to filling in the bubble) and may change the outcome by a small number of votes. 

Detailed results by district and ballot type can be viewed at this link.

Update: 11/2, 10pm
All machine-counted results (absentee and polling place) have been counted, as well as all Election Day Registration ballots. Hand-count ballots (those rejected by the tabulator or set aside by absentee ballot counters with unclear marks) remain, as well as approximately 60 absentee ballots that were returned to the Town Clerk's drop box after 2pm. 

Update: 11/3, 2:30am
We have completed counting and publishing all data from hand counted polling place and absentee ballots. There will be no further updates from counting ballots; we perform an accuracy review over the next several days and will list any changes at this page. The winners (including any who are elected pursuant to minority party representation rules) will be declared shortly by the Town Clerk. Information about any recanvasses will be announced as details become available.

Update: 11/3, 10:45am
We have received a number of calls from candidates regarding news coverage of the election. While the winners will be declared by the Clerk following review of the results, state statute, and current board representation, there have been some reports that did not reflect the number of seats to be elected for each office (which is in many cases more than the total number of candidates each voter could select), and for those who would like to review that information, it can be found at this link: /filestorage/10726/12538/12540/34152/OFFICELIST-2021.pdf