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11/3/2020 - Election Day Turnout and Results, 11/3/2020

Election results will be published at this page as they arrive from the polling place. Most numbers are reported immediately; hand counted ballots, provisional ballots, and write-in results are posted as materials from each polling place are hand-reviewed. We attempt to finish this review on election night, but will post status updates and document what remains. Detailed figures can be found at this link.

Update 11/4, 12:19am: All machine counted ballots for the polling places and absentee ballots have been reported. We are beginning hand counting (a small fraction of the total) and updating figures at the detail link above as they are entered. A further update will be posted prior to concluding counting for the evening.

Update 11/4, 7:26am: All hand counting has been completed. Posted numbers are final subject to audit or recanvass. 

Update 11/6, 3:45pm: We have proofed our figures and made corrections as follows -- one write-in vote for Mike Pence was originally misallocated, and six uncounted election day registration ballots (one in District 6, two in District 1, and three in District 2) were still in their envelopes and have been added to the total. The final figures are below, and the changes have been highlighted with underlined text in the detail report.