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10/21/2020 - Be Aware: Incorrect Information Regarding Absentee Deadlines

We have heard complaints from voters receiving calls from political campaigns that their absentee ballots must be submitted immediately or they will be invalid. This is not true.

Absentee ballots must be received by Tuesday, November 3rd at 8pm to be counted.

  • If you return the ballot to the drop boxes in front of Town Hall, you may submit them at any time up until 11/3 at 8pm and we will process and count them.
  • If you decide to mail your ballot back, please be aware of the time it takes for mail to arrive -- we have been suggesting that people allow up to a week for their ballots to be delivered. Election mail arriving in our office on the date this article is being published (10/21) was postmarked on 10/19, suggesting that we are currently experiencing two-day delivery times. 

We appreciate people making us aware of information they receive that sounds suspicious and allowing us the opportunity to post accurate information for the public to use.