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9/30/2020 - Voting Advice for Recent Movers

As Election Day approaches, we receive a large number of questions from voters who have recently moved about how (and where) to vote. This article is meant to provide advice to help with common situations. If your situation is not addressed here, please call us at (203) 256-3115 for further advice.

First and foremost, you should always vote using the address where you live on Election Day, even if your ID or other documents are out of date. If you are living overseas, you would vote using your last domestic address. If you are traveling temporarily, you vote using the home address that you will be returning to (absentee ballot applications are available at this page.)

For voters who move into Fairfield near the election:
You must register to vote using your Fairfield address. Connecticut does not have any minimum residency requirement, so you should register here even if you move in very close to Election Day or on Election Day itself.

  • You may register in person, online, or by mail up until 7 days before the election (mailed applications must be postmarked by this date.)
  • Those who move in, turn 18, or become naturalized citizens in the 6 days before the election may register to vote in person at town hall until noon the day before the election.
  • If you do not register by the above deadlines, you may register on election day, but must bring one form of ID with your photograph on it as well as something with your name and address (lease, utility bill, etc.) if your ID does not have your new address on it. 

For voters who move out of Fairfield to a different address in the United States:
You should register to vote at your new address. Consult this page to read about the deadlines and requirements for registration in your new state.

If you have missed the deadline to register in your new state (or do not qualify due to that state's residency requirements), former Connecticut residents may request a "Presidential Ballot" by contacting the Town Clerk's office. 

You should not return an absentee ballot to Fairfield or go to your polling place if you no longer reside here.


For students who are away at school but maintain a residence at a family home:
You may choose to register and vote using either your college residence or family home, based on which address you personally consider your home address. This is the case for students attending one of Fairfield's two local universities or young adults who grew up in Fairfield and are now at college elsewhere.

Parents who wish to assist their children in the voting process (voter registration, absentee ballot requests) should take care not to sign forms or complete ballots on their behalf -- the voter is required to sign their own applications, attesting to the accuracy of the information and swearing that they are not voting from another address at that election. While we understand parents want to ensure that the voting experience is smooth and successful for their children, they should do so by providing advice and timely reminders, not by handling their ballot materials or forging their signature.


For voters who have moved out of the country:
US citizens living abroad can vote by absentee ballot using their last domestic address by filling out the Federal Post Card Application and returning it to the Town Clerk. The question about whether you intend to return governs which type of ballot you receive.

  • If you do not intend to return, you will receive an "overseas ballot" that contains Federal offices only (President, Congress). You do not need to be registered to vote.
  • If you are only traveling temporarily and have concrete plans to return, you will receive a ballot with Federal and local offices (State Representative, State Senate, etc). If you are not already registered, the home address you list on the form will be used to add you to the Fairfield voter registration list.
  • If you are traveling for an extended period and are not sure when you will return, you will receive an "overseas ballot" if you are not currently registered and a full ballot if you are currently registered.

Overseas voters may request that their ballots be emailed to them, and may also send a Federal Write In Absentee Ballot to the Town Clerk if you are voting near the deadline and are concerned about your ballot arriving by Election Day. 


For voters who are transient or do not have a fixed address:
If you are traveling with no permanent address, are currently homeless, displaced, or have a complex residential situation, you are still entitled to vote, and we are available to provide assistance and advice to you. If you are homeless and living in Fairfield, you should register using the address where you commonly stay (whether that is a residential address or the approximate address where you stay, even if outdoors or in a vehicle), then listing separately an address where you can receive mail on the application (even if it is "General Delivery" at a local post office.)

Because Election Day Registration requires that you provide a document with your address on it to use, you should contact us at least seven days before the election so we can process your application in a timely manner. Call us at (203) 256-3115 or visit our office during business hours if you have any questions.