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7/7/2020 - Safe Voting Options in the 8/11 Presidential Primary

Like all communities in Connecticut, Fairfield will be conducting Presidential Primary elections for registered Democratic and Republican voters on August 11th. Voters who want to participate will have multiple safe methods of voting available to them, and voters with questions or who require accommodations should contact the Registrars for more information. This page is meant to answer some common questions.

Absentee Voting
The Governor has issued an executive order allowing all eligible primary voters to make use of absentee ballots for the 8/11 primary. You should have received an envelope from the Secretary of the State with an application and return envelope. To take advantage of this voting method, complete the form, return it to Town Hall in the enclosed envelope, and a ballot will be sent to you the week of July 20th. Please make sure to complete and return your ballot before August 11th -- if you are concerned that you are returning it too close to the deadline to arrive by primary day, you can drop it off at a drop box that will be onsite at the Town Hall grounds. 

Q: If I already applied for an absentee ballot, do I need to reapply?
A: No, the Town Clerk will honor pre-existing applications and send all ballots in late July. (Some military / overseas ballot requesters may receive their ballot at an earlier date.)

Q: Do I have to vote by absentee ballot? 
A: No, we will have voting available at all 10 polling places on primary day. If you do not wish to use an absentee ballot, you can ignore the application.

Q: I didn't get an application! What should I do?
A: Check your voter registration at this link: if you are registered to vote at your current address and in the party whose primary you expected to vote in, you can download an absentee ballot application at this page and return it by mail or to the drop box at Town Hall for the Fairfield Town Clerk's office. If you need to update your address or party affiliation, you can do so by visiting the state's online voter registration portal.

Q: What about the November election?
A: We don't know if the Governor or State Legislature will expand absentee eligibility to all voters for November, and of course we do not yet know what the public health situation will be that far in advance. We have been advised that the state will send applications to all registered voters for the November election sometime in September, but can't give advice about eligibility at this time. If you know that you are qualified for an absentee ballot because of travel, illness, disability, military service, or religious observance, you can apply for one at any time by downloading and printing an absentee ballot form from this page.

Polling Places
If you would like to vote at your polling place on primary day, we will be taking precautions to ensure a safe experience for our voters and pollworkers. First, Connecticut law allows every voter to have a ballot brought to them in their car, and we will be make "curbside service" more readily accessible at all 10 polling locations with designated parking spots and a team of dedicated pollworkers providing this service. For voters who would like to come in and make use of the traditional polling place experience, we will add additional safety features such as hand sanitizer and mask distribution, plexiglass shields at voter check-in stations, physically distanced lines, single-use ballot marking pens, and regularly sanitized voting booths.

Q: What if I am not in a party holding a primary that day? Can I still vote?
A: Connecticut has closed primaries, but if you are not in a party or are not yet registered and would like to vote in the primary, you can still enroll by visiting the online voter registration portal here. If you are not in one of these parties on primary day, you may vote a provisional ballot and the Registrars’ office will investigate to see if the party we have on file is erroneous for any reason (for example, if your party was changed by the DMV without your knowledge.)

Q: If I can’t wear a mask, what should I do?
A: We would suggest that any voter who can’t wear a face covering inside the polling place make use of an absentee ballot or our curbside voting service for the protection of your fellow residents and our pollworkers. 

If you have any other questions, please contact us by phone (203-256-3115) or email.