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9/28/2018 - Announcement of Registration Sessions

Connecticut state law offers several specific opportunities for the public to register to vote and participate in the election process in every town. While Fairfield is open on weekdays from 8:30am to 4:30pm, these additional "sessions" allow voters extra time or specific opportunities to examine documents.

October 2nd, 9:00am: The Registrars will be in session to prepare the preliminary voter list; a list of removed and inactive voters will be available for examination.

October 30th, 9:00am to 8:00pm: This is the last day for mail-in and in-person registration (except for certain situations, described below), and the office will be open until 8pm to allow residents to register in person. Mail-in applications must be postmarked or submitted online prior to midnight.

November 5th, 8:30am to 5:00pm: Voters who have moved into town or obtained voter eligibility (such as by turning 18 or becoming newly naturalized citizens) after October 30th may register in person between these hours. Active duty members of the armed forces (or those discharged in the prior year) may also register up until this deadline.

Any resident who wishes to vote and has not registered by the appropriate deadline may appear at the Election Day Registration location (Barone Center at Fairfield University, 1073 North Benson Road) on November 6th between 6am and 8pm to register and vote. Election Day applicants must supply a photo ID and proof of residence (such as an ID or bill with your current address) in order to register.

You can look up your current status and submit an online voter registration application at If you have questions about your eligibility, contact us at (203) 256-3115 and we will be glad to assist you.