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10/4/2017 - 2017 Pollworker Signups

The Registrars of Voters office has begun the process of signing up pollworkers for the November, 2017 election. Pollworkers must be either registered voters or, for certain positions, may be students aged 16 to 17. Most positions are appointed on a full-day basis (5:15am until voting has finished, usually around 9pm), and are paid a stipend and provided with food during the day. We do allow some positions to be filled on a half-day basis. Workers are not permitted to provide any services to political campaigns during the entire voting day, and are expected to provide non-partisan service to all voters. Those appointed to work will receive notice, training materials, and a short training class prior to the election.

Please visit the form at this link to register your interest in working at the polls. You may call the Registrars at (203) 256-3115 for more information.