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11/9/2016 - 2016 Election Results

The Town of Fairfield's 2016 Election results (including hand counted and write-in ballots) are as follows:

Presidential Electors for
Clinton/Kaine: 18,041
Trump/Pence: 12,112
Johnson/Weld: 985
Stein/Baraka: 348
Buchanan/Washington: 1
Kotlikoff/Leamer: 1
McMullin/Johnson: 65

U.S. Senator:
Richard Blumenthal: 18,448
Dan Carter: 12,133
Richard Lion: 261
Jeffrey Russell: 236

Representative in Congress (4th District - Part):
Jim Himes: 17,361
John Shaban: 13,330
Carl Vassar: 1

State Senator (28th District - Part):
Philip Dwyer: 11,983
Tony Hwang: 18,870

State Representative (132nd District):
Dru Georgiadis: 5,330
Brenda Kupchick: 7,984

State Representative (132rd District):
Cristin McCarthy Vahey: 6,402
Raymond J Neuberger: 4,428

State Representative (134th District - Part):
Frederick Garrity Jr: 2,285
Laura M. Devlin: 4,316

Registrar of Voters:
Matt Waggner: 14,308
Steve Elworthy: 15,093

Detailed results are available via the available via the Secretary of the State's reporting system. District-by-district candidate totals can be viewed here (PDF), or full statistics (including vote counts for each ballot type) can be viewed at the following link (PDF).