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10/1/2016 - Voter Registration Deadlines

With the November 8th election approaching, the Registrars office receives many questions about deadlines for residents wanting to vote.

In-Person Voter Registration: Any voter can register to vote at Old Town Hall on weekdays from 8:30am to 4:30pm, on any day until Tuesday, November 1st. The office will be open for special hours on November 1st, remaining open until 8pm.

Mail-In Voter Registration: Any voter can register by mail, with the requirement that the mail-in application be postmarked or received by Tuesday, November 1st. Applications delivered by a different person (friend, family member, political campaign) must be physically delivered by this date.

Online Voter Registration: Voters using the Connecticut Online Voter Registration System may register to vote until midnight on November 1st. Please note that to submit an online application, you must be able to provide a current CT DMV ID number in the application process.

Current or recently discharged members of the Armed Forces: Those who are in active duty military service or were discharged in the year prior to the election may register to vote up to 5pm on November 7th. If submitting an application by mail, please provide a written notice indicating your status so that it can be accepted in a timely manner.

Voters turning 18, moving into Fairfield, or obtaining citizenship immediately before the election: The Registrars host a special registration session for those who just became eligible to vote between November 1st and November 7th on November 7th; those wishing to take advantage of this session must appear at Town Hall to register between 9am and 5pm on Monday, November 7th.

Election Day Voter Registration: All current residents eligible to register may appear at the Election Day Registration location (Fairfield University Campus Center, 1073 North Benson Road) to register and vote from 6am to 8pm on Tuesday, November 8th. Please be advised that ID requirements are more strict for voters registering on Election Day: you must present a current photo ID, and if this ID does not list your residence address, you must also present a document (such as a utility bill) that does list this address in order to register. We also recommend that you appear at this location as early as possible to ensure ample time for voting.

If you register to vote at a designated voter registration agency (such as the DMV, DSS, public library, university, etc.) in time to meet the deadlines listed above, we recommend that you request an agency-stamped receipt for your voter registration form: even if the agency does not submit your application to us, or if it does not arrive before the election, you can use this receipt to vote on Election Day regardless. 

 Contact the Registrars of Voters at (203) 256-3115 with any questions.