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8/26/2016 - Absentee Ballots for 2016 Election

In Connecticut, voters who will not be able to appear at their polling place on Election Day can vote using an Absentee Ballot, which are issued by and returned to the Town Clerk. To assist voters who need information about this process, the Registrars office is publishing this memo to direct you to further information.

For voters who are currently living in Fairfield, please visit this informational page from the Town Clerk, which contains links to print an absentee ballot application and directions on returning it.

For students attending school elsewhere in the United States, be advised that you may choose to vote by absentee ballot or to vote locally in the community where you are attending school. Visit this page to obtain information on obtaining an absentee ballot from Fairfield, or the Federal Election Assistance Commission to obtain a voter registration form for the state where you will be attending school.

For those U.S. citizens who are residing overseas, including those who have never established or no longer maintain a domestic residence, you may wish to obtain a Federal Post Card Application, which provides additional options for residence status and ballot delivery that may better serve you in your situation.

For former Fairfield residents who have missed the registration deadline at your new home, you may still be able to obtain a Presidential Ballot from Fairfield. Contact the Town Clerk's office to discuss your eligibility and obtain an application.

Note that, while you may apply for these ballots at any time, the Clerk will send ballots beginning 31 days before the election (45 days for overseas / FPCA applications). There is no need to be concerned that your ballot has not arrived prior to these dates. However, Connecticut does require that all ballots be returned and received (not just postmarked) on or before Election Day to be counted.