Fairfield Tree Planting Program

Would you like to enhance the beauty of your property and street?  If so, the Town offers a voluntary, collaborative, tree-planting program that will help you do just that!

PLEASE NOTE: Fall Tree Planting orders are being accepted and appointments for site visits will start in mid-summer.  Please send in new requests including your email , phone number and street address and we will be in contact to schedule an appointment with you.


For $200, a Forestry Committee member will walk you through the process of selecting a tree appropriate for your site and the Town will plant it for you on the public right-of-way along your property line. It includes a gator bag, if it will fit, and deer protection for any tree that needs it. There is no limit to the number of trees you may purchase as long as the placement and space is appropriate.  Please note we only take online payment with a credit card at   Please contact us at or 203-701-8342 with any questions.

Homeowner Responsibilities

You must mulch the tree annually and water the tree after it is planted and during times of drought. Remember, regular watering is critical to the success of the newly planted tree!  

Please refer to and follow these simple instruction sheets for how to care for your tree:

Town Responsibilities

The Town is responsible for planting and safety pruning the trees throughout its life.

The Right Tree in the Right Place

To achieve the full benefits of a tree, it must be selected and planted according to a well thought out plan suitable for the planting site and surroundings. For that reason, a site visit will be made to help select the proper tree.

Selection Considerations

What size should I consider? What species of trees are available?  Location of utility lines determine size and species of trees available.

  • Utility lines on your side of the street, use this list.
  • No utility lines on your side of the street, use this list.

Request a Tree

To request to have a tree planted in the right-of-way bordering your property enter a Service Request on the Town website (select 'Tree Issues' and then 'Tree Planting Request') or contact the Tree Warden. A member of the Forestry Committee will visit your site and help you make an appropriate selection.