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5/19/2016 - Plan of Conservation and Development update

The Town Plan and Zoning Commission is embarking on an update of the Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD). The first phase of the process is to present this comprehensive new document that fully updates the first section of the plan regarding community conditions, demographics, housing statistics, land use and transportation systems including relevant portions of the Fairfield Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.

This has been done with the assistance of our regional planning agency, METROCOG (formerly known as Greater Bridgeport Regional Planning Agency). This document also incorporates the Commerce Drive area plan adopted on 2011 and maintains the structure and format of the 2000 plan.

The document presented here will be offered for hearing in early summer.

Following that process, the next phase in the update effort will be an examination of the development goals and policies in the second and third sections of the plan. This will be done through a series of targeted meetings for the planning areas identified in the plan. The Commission will be seeking input from the residents and representatives of these areas to help determine which goals and policies remain relevant and what additional goals and policies may be appropriate for the future guidance of the Town’s development. We expect that effort to extend well into 2017.
After that input has been gathered a further revised plan document will be offered for hearing and adoption.