About the Town Plan and Zoning Commission

Term Length:
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Appointing Body:
Party Balance Required?:
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Four Years
Town Charter - Article VIII


The Town Plan and Zoning Commission (TPZ) spends many late nights in session voting on commercial and residential development applications.  The main focus of TPZ is to ensure that zoning regulations are strictly followed so that Fairfield remains a blend of commercial and residential zones--a town with a thriving commercial tax base, that retains the small-town feel that residents enjoy, and that doesn’t overly stress the school system, town services, and roadways.

Powers and Duties

Duties Include:  

  • Preparing, adopting, and amending a master plan for the development of the town, or amending any master plan previously adopted.
  • Having control over the subdivision of land.
  • Conducting studies and making recommendations on matters affecting health, recreation, traffic, and other needs of the town dependent on, or related to, the master plan.
  • Considering and reporting on the design, location, and relation to the master plan of all new public ways, buildings, bridges, and other public places and structures.
  • Considering and reporting on the layout of new developments in the town.
  • Making detailed plans for the improvement, reconditioning, or development of areas which in its judgment contain special problems or show a trend toward lower land values.
  • Making such other studies, recommendations, and inclusions in the master plan as will in its judgment be beneficial to the town.

Duties may include:

  • Engaging the services of employees and consultants it may require to carry out its duties, including a zoning enforcement officer and assistants who, subject appropriate supervision, shall enforce all laws, ordinances, and regulations relating to zoning and planning, and shall have such other duties as the Town Plan and Zoning commission or the Planning Director may prescribe.