Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Study

The Town of Fairfield is undertaking a Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Study to identify ways the Town can best encourage economic development in areas within an easy walk of the Fairfield Center and Fairfield Metro  train stations. This study will recommend potential updates to town policies that could better match these characteristics with community goals.

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Project Overview

Transit-Oriented Development or “TOD” refers to real estate development clustered near transit stations on blocks and streets that are designed for convenient, safe walking between transit and a variety of destinations. Fairfield’s zoning and related development policies, and its infrastructure investments, influence the characteristics of development and street environments.

The Fairfield TOD Study’s recommendations will emerge from a combination of community input and technical analysis. A series of public meetings and workshops are providing community members an opportunity to discuss their priorities and questions for the study. The technical components of this study effort will include:

  • Real estate market and feasibility studies identifying potential for commercial and residential development in the station areas
  • Fiscal impact analysis determining how different types of land use could affect Town revenues and expenses
  • Development capacity and design analysis into what types of development could take place under current zoning and potential modifications to zoning
  • Infrastructure capacity analysis identifying any major constraints in street or utility infrastructure that should inform the type, amount, and location of development, and possible infrastructure improvements.

Findings from this analysis will be shared with community members at public workshops. A range of potential updates to Town zoning policy – potentially affecting the types of land use allowed, size of buildings allowed, and design qualities required for buildings and sites in certain locations – will be described and illustrated to show possible outcomes, enabling community members to consider and discuss their preferences.

The Fairfield TOD Study is being funded by a grant from the State of Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD).

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