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6/15/2016 - Urgent/Important Vehicle Tax Information

The State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) recently upgraded its database and vehicle owners receiving July 2016 motor vehicle tax bills should review them carefully to ensure the correct information is listed.

Fairfield residents receiving their vehicle tax bill from CT municipalities other than Fairfield should contact the Assessor’s Office in those other municipalities and request that their vehicle information be forwarded to the Fairfield Assessor’s Office. The Assessors of those other cities or towns may request proof of Fairfield residency on or prior to 10/1/2015.

Non-Fairfield residents receiving tax bills from Fairfield should furnish the Fairfield Assessor’s Office with any of the following proofs of residence in another municipality:

  1. Copy of property record card from their municipality showing property ownership on or prior to 10/1/2015 or copy of their lease if they are renters
  2. Vehicle registration if it is dated on or prior to 10/1/2015
  3. Utility bill showing residence on or prior to 10/1/2015

It is important that you address an incorrect tax bill as soon as possible so that it can be forwarded to the correct municipality.

A registration address change for DMV must be done by mail. Forms to do so will be available at the Assessor’s or Tax Collector’s Office or can be downloaded from

Customers with DMV questions should call 860-263-5700 or visit their website -