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Effective August 23, an indoor mask policy is in effect in the Town of Fairfield. 

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Subdivision Regulations

The Town of Fairfield's Subdivision Regulations were originally adopted by the Town Plan and Zoning Commission on March 8, 1948.  They have been amended several times since then.

The purpose of these regulations is to further the orderly development of the Town in accordance with the Plan of Conservation and Development.

Subdivision Regulations are under the jurisdiction of the Town Plan and Zoning Commission.   If you have questions on these regulations please contact the Town Plan and Zoning Department.

NOTE: The content within Fairfield’s online zoning regulations is for informational purposes only. For official hard copies of the Zoning Regulations please contact the Town Plan and Zoning Department. Should there be any discrepancies between this online text and the official version, the official version will govern.