1/27/2021 - Fairfield Strategic Plan (draft) Prepared

The Strategic Plan Committee (SPC) has completed the development of a draft of the Town's first Strategic Plan, and has prepared materials that summarizes this information.

The materials provide an Executive Summary; a summary Presentation  and the actual detailed Strategic Plan that provides background information, detailed strategic plan activities and implementation steps.

The plan builds upon the prior steps including the Community Outreach workshops and Subject Matter Expert work sessions. The results of this prior work was distributed previously and have been utilized in the development of the overall Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan has been provided to the Board of Selectmen and will be reviewed with the Board and for the public at a future Board of Selectmen meeting. Once that is done and feedback is evaluated, the plan will be considered final. The Board of Selectmen will then have responsibility for implementing the plan as part of overall Town planning and management.