12/16/2018 - Committee Finishing Up Input Phase; Last Chance to Provide Input

The Town's Strategic Plan Committee (SPC) has conducted widespread community workshops and activities to gather input from residents, businesses and other community stakeholders.

The Committee would also like to obtain feedback from residents by completing the steps identified below. This input phase will be closing by mid to end of January 2019. The SPC will summarize the feedback and present such information to the community in the March timeframe with the results of the input phase consolidated into the Focus Issues for our town.

Your feedback is important. To provide input, please do so as described below:

  1. Complete the questionnaires at:
  2.  Provide "" feedback at is a technique that allows people to provide input about specific sections of town, and see what others have said about those areas.
  3.  General input can be provided by use of an online form at:

You can obtain background about the Strategic Plan initiative at our project website  and the Town's Strategic Plan Committee homepage.