1/8/2018 - Strategic Plan Committee - 2017 Summary and 2018 Outlook


The Board of Selectmen appointed a Strategic Plan Committee (SPC) in June 2017 to develop a longer term Strategic Plan for Fairfield.  The objective of the plan is to identify the steps to be taken to maintain Fairfield as a great and desirable community in which to live, work, and raise our families.  In the current environment, it is likely that a more formalized, structured long term planning process will be critical in allowing the Town to best design its future.

In considering that longer term objective, several questions are critical to evaluate, such as:

  • Where are we now as a community?
  • What are our opportunities?
  • Where do we want our community to be, to maintain its desirability and affordability?
  • How do we want to accomplish that, and what options, tradeoffs, and actions do we need to consider?
  • How do we insure all constituents are not just informed, but engaged in the process

The strategic planning process is one in which many components of research and analysis are performed.  The Town will also engage an outside consulting specialist to ensure we follow a proven, structured, and transparent process.  Research will utilize existing and updated materials from the Town, Region, and State, while also leveraging new ideas that have proven successful in other communities. 

For our process, community engagement will be critically important. Many approaches will be utilized to engage the community collaboratively and to review the potential opportunities and options identified. These approaches will include but not be limited to community meetings, events, workshops, surveys, etc., and will be well publicized to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate. The SPC will utilize this webpage and many other approaches to keep everyone informed and updated.

2017 Summary of Activities

During 2017 the SPC has completed a number of activities, such as:

  • Organizing SPC activities for Regular meetings, planning and management.
  • Creating a webpage to provide information on Strategic plans, and the Strategic planning process,
  • Researching and identifying qualified consulting firms to assist the Town,
  • Creating and issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP), and reviewing submitted proposals from potential service providers, and performing reference checks
  • Providing updates to various Town bodies, including the Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance. (slides utilized can be obtained in the meeting agenda for those meetings, or in the Files and Documents link on this SPC webpage, and viewed on FairTV)

2018 Outlook

A final Strategic Plan will take approximately one year to complete.  It will be managed through a phased project plan.  Timing of each phase, including the initial community meetings will be published once the plan schedule is completed during Q1-2018.

The research and analysis work will be designed to identify and analyze the longer term options, and the potential implications of such items.  The results of the work, suggestions, and potential options are very dependent on community engagement and the SPC will ensure full transparency and widespread awareness.

Please be involved in the process, provide input, and your thoughts on the options and possibilities that will be proposed.


The SPC holds regular monthly meetings, which are noticed on the Town meeting calendar and occur the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6pm. The agendas and minutes are available on the Town web site.  The SPC web page has a link which allows all residents to provide feedback electronically, or by printing and submitting a form.  Additionally the SPC web page has several other links to allow review of Strategic Plans or other material from other Towns that have undergone a strategic planning process.