5/24/2019 - Want to Eat Local?

As the fruit and vegetable growing season kicks into high gear, Fairfield residents interested in enjoying the many benefits of locally produced food can look to the Sustainable Fairfield Task Force (SFTF) to learn more about our region’s wide choice of farmers’ markets and stands – and get some guidance on how to grow their own produce too.

An updated listing of local farm stands and farmers’ markets is now available on the SFTF webpage as part of the SFTF’s “Local Food for All” initiative -- designed to help residents support farmers and retail locations offering locally produced food, and to create community connections that support our growers and our local economy.

The listings include stands and markets in Fairfield and several surrounding communities. In Fairfield, the Greenfield Hill Farmers Market, 75 Hillside Road, is now open Saturdays through October 26, and the Fairfield Farmers Market on Sherman Green will be open Sundays starting on June 16 through October 6.

At the markets, most vendors are Connecticut-based farms and businesses; all of the markets offer farm products from Fairfield or a bordering town, including Bridgeport, Easton, Trumbull, Weston or Westport. 

When it comes to produce, nothing is more local than growing your own, so the SFTF also offers backyard gardeners some tips on starting and maintaining your own fruit or vegetable garden, as well as making your garden as eco-friendly as possible.

Don’t have room for your own garden? The SFTF provides a listing of local community gardens where residents can grow produce for their own use or to donate to those in need. And for additional leads on purchasing or dining out on healthy food, you can check out a listing of local restaurants, markets and other stores offered through Fairfield’s “Eat Well”initiative.

“Consuming locally produced food helps sustain our local growers and reduce the carbon impact of transporting food long distances,” said Kiersten Chou, SFTF member. “And, it helps boost a health-conscious lifestyle, because the nutritional value of local produce is unbeatable – and what’s more, it simply tastes better.”

Ms. Chou added, “We want to encourage everyone to take advantage of the SFTF’s information resources to learn more about the benefits and appeal of locally produced food.” 

For more information about the Sustainable Fairfield Task Force’s programs and initiatives, please visit or contact SFTF member Kiersten Chou at 203-895-4865.