10/5/2017 - Sewer Use Bills Mailed October 1 2017

The sewer use fee is billed annually in October and is due in two equal semi-annual installments (October 1 and the following April 1).

The sewer use bill is determined by using Aquarion water consumption data from approximately November 1 of the prior year through March 31 of the year billed. The five months of data is then multiplied by 2.4 to approximate a full year of consumption. The measurement period selected eliminates usage for watering, pool filling, etc.

The rate for the bills that were recent mailed is $3.40 per CCF (1 CCF is the unit Aquarion uses to measure water usage and equals 100 cubic feet of water or 748 gallons) with a minimum annual bill of $125 per account.  This was set by the Town’s Water Pollution Control Authority at a September 2017 Public Hearing.

Last year’s rate was $3.25/CCF, with a minimum charge of $100.

If you have any questions regarding your water consumption or water bill, contact Aquarion Water at (203) 337-5991.  If you have any questions regarding your sewer bills, contact the Fairfield WPCA Office in Independence Hall at 203 256-3003 or email  and