Trade Name Certificates

If a person or entity is conducting business in the Town of Fairfield under an assumed name, the business name must be registered with the Town Clerk. (Please see Connecticut General Statutes §35-1.)

Who Needs to File?

All Trade Name Certificates are filed on a local basis in Connecticut.There is no county filing. Only businesses located within the Town of Fairfield should file a trade name with the Fairfield Town Clerk.  Filing a Trade Name Certificate does not protect the name from use by another person/business. Failure to file a Trade Name Certificate results in a $500 fine.

Trade name registration does not apply to:  

Partnerships, if the partnership name includes the true surname of at least one of the persons composing said partnership;
Limited partnerships which have registered with the Connecticut Secretary of State;
Limited liability companies which have registered with the Connecticut Secretary of State.

Certain words related to banks, trusts and savings are prohibited from use.

How to File

Trade Name Certificate for Individuals
Sample: Individual
Trade Name Certificate for Corporation or Limited Liability Company
Sample: Corporation or Limited Liability Company

Trade name certificates may be filed through the mail or in person.

To register by mail, you must complete the form and sign it before a notary public (or other agent able to administer oaths) and send it in with your check. NOTE: All registrants must sign the certificate. The original signed form (with acknowledgement) must be filed with the Town Clerk. Copies are not accepted. Send to Town Clerk, 611 Old Post Road, Fairfield CT 06824.

Filing Cost

The fee to file a Trade Name is $10. The notarization fee is an additional $5.00.  A certified copy may be obtained for $3.00.


Once filed, trade names are permanent; they do not need to be renewed. To remove a trade name, a Dissolution of Trade Name must be filed. A dissolution may consist of a notarized letter stating that the individual is no longer doing business in the town, or this template may be used. The fee to file a dissolution is $10.

Other Information

You must also obtain State and Federal Tax Identification Numbers. Contact the Internal Revenue Service for a federal ID Number and to get necessary forms. The phone number is 800-829-1040.  For the Connecticut ID Number, go to the Department of Revenue Services website for forms and information. The phone number is 800-382-9463.

If your business is a corporation or LLC, you must file with the Connecticut Secretary of State.  You may call the Secretary of State at 860-509-6200  or 800-540-3764. The Secretary of State's Office offers information on its website that can be helpful to those considering opening a new business.

Special Note to Contractors: You MUST register with the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection. Click here for Information on Department of Consumer Protection licensing.