Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Fire - Medical - Emergency
DIAL 911

The Town of Fairfield has a multi-faceted Emergency Medical Response System to ensure that the highest level pre-hospital medical care is provided to everyone who lives in, works in, or visits Fairfield.

Dispatch and Pre-hospital Care Instructions

The first step in caring for the sick or injured is to call 911. In addition to immediately sending help, highly trained dispatchers will provide emergency medical instructions over the phone to people in distress. Instructions may include how to perform CPR, how to help a choking person, and even how to prepare to deliver a baby that just can’t wait.

Response and Treatment

As information is collected from a person calling 911 to report a medical emergency, computers assist other dispatchers in notifying the closest police officer, fire company, and ambulance to the call location of the person in distress. This ensures that medical care arrives as soon as possible wherever the person is located in town. This multi-agency response system was developed over 30 years ago in Fairfield, well in advance of other towns and is considered the gold standard of emergency medical care.

Paramedic level care and ambulance transportation services are currently outsourced to a private company that bills for its services. The current provider is American Medical Response. The Fairfield Fire Department monitors system performance and meets continuously with representatives of AMR to ensure response targets are being met and continuously look to improve the response system.