About Zoom Rooms

About Zoom Rooms


A Zoom Room is designed to make conducting “hybrid” meetings easier than the traditional way of manually bringing a computer, camera, microphone, speakerphone, and display into the room and manually starting and running a meeting with an online component.  (A “hybrid” meeting is one that is both “in-person” and “virtual.”)  A hybrid meeting is intended to make the meeting more accessible to the public, and to make it possible for a meeting participant to attend the meeting, even while away from Town.  A hybrid meeting is not a replacement for the “in-person” meeting experience; it is a supplement to a meeting.

The Room
A Zoom Room is a meeting space that has permanently installed audio/visual equipment to support on-line meetings using Zoom, or others such as Webex, Teams, Meets, etc.

The installed equipment includes:

  • Two or more high-definition, pan, tilt, and zoomable cameras
  • One or more large-screen displays
  • High sensitivity, echo cancelling, ceiling-mounted microphones
  • Ceiling-mounted speaker system
  • A Zoom computer with touchscreen controller
  • A “standard” computer for non-Zoom meetings and other presentations
How It Works

A Town meeting scheduled into a Zoom Room will be programmed to start automatically at the scheduled meeting time.  The display(s) in the room will turn on, and the meeting will start and the recording will begin, once you acknowledge the start of the meeting on the touchscreen controller, and enable the cameras and microphones.  Optionally, you can start the meeting earlier than scheduled as it will appear on the touchscreen controller with a “Join” button.  As chairperson, meeting member, or secretary to the meeting, you can take as much or as little control over the meeting as you like.  For example, you can become the meeting “host” which will allow you to mute noisy virtual attendees, hold an executive session by locking the meeting and moving virtual attendees to the “lobby,” or end the meeting.  You can also re-aim/zoom the cameras as desired using three pre-programmed “presets,” or manually move them about, if needed.

Zoom Room Locations
Town Zoom Rooms are located in:
    • Sullivan Independence Hall 1st Floor Conference Room
    • Old Town Hall Conference Room
    • Fire Training Center Large Meeting Room
    • Fire Training Center Classroom 111
Board of Education Zoom Rooms are located in:
    • BOE Headquarters Meeting Room
    • Roger Ludlowe Middle School Teams Room
    • Fairfield Ludlowe High School Lecture Hall

Scheduling a Zoom Room for Your Meeting

Town Zoom Rooms:
Scheduling of Town rooms is handled by the First Selectman’s Office.
Board of Education Zoom Rooms:
Scheduling of Board of Education rooms is handled by [TBD].
Just request the Zoom Room feature in addition to the room itself.  You will be provided with the Zoom meeting number and password to be published on your agenda.