Applicants: The Fairfield Housing Authority sent out renewals on 11/17/2011 to applicants on the waiting list. The renewals have been simplified to a one page form. This has been done in an effort to reduce administrative burdens and to expedite the renewal process. Renewals must be in or postmarked by 12/23/2011 or your name will be automatically removed from the waiting list. If there are any questions regarding the new form or if you are a person with disabilities that needs assistance please contact our office.

Participants: New Information 
We had completed our Voucher analysis in September 2011. Only two families had their voucher size reduced.

The Housing Authority Board of Commissioners held its annual Resident Advisory Board Meeting on June 23, 2011. It was determined that FHA newsletters would be mailed out all senior / disabled participants initially. To remain on the mailing list you must contact our office or you will be automatically removed. You can be placed back on the list at any time. Reminder: all functions that are coordinated through the Fairfield Housing Authority are open to all HCV Participants. We encourage all who are interested to participate.