Duck Farm Bridge Update

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September 2023

We're thrilled to inform you that our construction project is now in the home stretch, and we're making great strides toward completion. With all utility work completed, the contractor has successfully poured the bridge deck.

Within the next couple weeks, the contractor will be working on installing new drainage pipes, setting curbs, pouring sidewalks and getting the road base ready for paving. 

 The project is still on schedule to open the road at the end of the month!

 August 2023

The new structural steel beams have been installed at Duck Farm Bridge! This significant milestone marks a crucial step forward in the construction process. Next up, the contractor will install rebar and pour concrete to create the new bridge deck.

In conjunction with the bridge construction, Aquarion water company will be working on installation of their new water main. Following completion of Aquarion's work, SCG (Southern Connecticut Gas) will begin work on installing their new gas main. 

The project is still on schedule to open the road in the end of September.
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July 2023

Busy month at Duck Farm Bridge!

The contractor has installed all the new rip rap stone at abutment 1. At abutment 2, the contractor has completed the backwall and is currently forming and pouring the new wing walls to complete the foundation.

Structural steel installation will begin very soon! This will be the start of the new bridge deck.

To facilitate utility restoration, Aquarion water company installed a portion of their new permanent water main. This will help accelerate the final water main tie in at completion. 

We have commitment from the contractor to complete the bridge and open the roadway by the end of September.

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June 15, 2023

The foundation and wingwalls on abutment 1 are complete! The contractor is currently working on restoring grade at abutment 1. At abutment 2, micropile installing is coming to an end and forming and pouring foundations will begin next week!

May 2023

Construction at the Duck Farm Road Bridge project is in full swing. The contractor is currently running two crews. One crew is installing micro piles while the other is forming and pouring concrete for the foundation and wing walls of the new bridge. The Town has also had coordination meetings with all the utility companies involved to discuss restoration and the work they need to do for completion. In addition, there has been some change in subcontractors on the job. We are confident that this change will significantly expedite the remaining construction work and allow us to overcome the delays we have faced. The Town is still on target for the original expected timeline of 8-16 months for bridge construction. We have commitment from the contractor for substantial completion (i.e., open to local traffic) come September.