Complete Streets Policy

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The Town of Fairfield's Complete Streets Policy was prepared  by the Town's Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee and endorsed by the Board of Selectmen on September 26, 2018. This policy outlines how the Town of Fairfield considers the needs of all of users when planning and developing transportation projects on town roads.

Complete Streets by definition are streets, highways, roadways, travel ways and corridors that are designed and operated to enable safe and comfortable access for all users. All users include pedestrians, bicyclists, public transit riders, and people of all abilities, cars, trucks buses and other modes of transportation. The policy is part of the Town's efforts to create a safer transportation network for all.


The Town of Fairfield has approximately 270 miles of roadway within its borders. When residents have a concern or traffic complaint there is a process the Town follows that is a collaboration between the Police Department, Engineering and the Department of Public Works.

The Town of Fairfield Board of Police Commissioners is the regulatory authority who has the responsibility and sole decision-making authority, under State Statute, to regulate signs, signals, and roadway markings for the Town.

The Town of Fairfield, by law, must comply with the standards, guidance and options of the National Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) for the installation and maintenance of traffic control devices. The Town has a Complete Streets Policy that is incorporated in the process when applicable.

Residents can place a request for selective speed enforcement by submitting a Traffic Enforcement request through the Fairfield Police Department Traffic Safety Unit: or by calling 203-254-4850. On that site there is a great deal of useful information including the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).

Below is an outline of the Town’s process when a complaint or inquiry is made.