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10/4/2019 - Update on Southern Connecticut Gas Main Replacement Program – Stratfield Area

October 4, 2019 - Update on Southern Connecticut Gas Main Replacement Program – Stratfield Area

The Town’s Department of Public Works has the following update on the SCG Main Replacement Program in the Stratfield Area.

When construction is in front of your home, the contractor will make accommodations to allow you to exit your driveway. If you make the contractor (Burns) aware of your schedule as the construction is approaching, the contractor can make the necessary adjustments.

The Southern Connecticut Gas Company (SCG) has informed the Town of Fairfield of its plans to upgrade the existing natural gas mains in the Stratfield neighborhood. The existing mains in this area are generally over 70 years old, low pressure, and cast iron pipes (which tend to be somewhat brittle). SCG is replacing these lines with higher pressure, smaller diameter PVC pipe. This is the current industry standard, and according to SCG this will improve performance and reliability.

This work will require excavations in the Town road for the main gas line and for the individual home services. The Fairfield Public Works Department (203) 256-3010 will be overseeing this excavation, and also the temporary and permanent pavement restoration work. The Fairfield Police Department will be overseeing traffic control during all of the construction work.

See chart below, for work flow.

As SCG provides a time schedule when the specific roads are to be under construction, the Town will be posting that information. 

Repaving Stratfield Streets for Gas Main Installation, Spring 2019 Main Gas Line Five Years to Tie In for House Services
STREET Working Installed Temp. Paving Status Working Installed Temp. Paving Status Final Paving
Bond Street X     X
Casmir Drive X X X
Church Hill Road (Stoneleigh to Casmir) X X X X X
Crest Terrace X X X X X
Curtis Terrace X
Golf View Terrace X 
X X   X X
Grandview Road  X
X  X X      X
Lloyd Drive X   X  X X       X
London Terrace X X X X     X
Meadowcrest Drive X  X X   X      X
Sky Top Drive  X  X X X     X 
Sky Top Terrace X X X
Stoneleigh Road X
X X X      X
Stoneleigh Square X X X X      X
Stratfield Road (Owen Fish to Grandview) X 
X  X  X X
Wynn Wood Drive X X  X X X

X = Completed phase, X = Working phase