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8/4/2016 - Fairfield Roads being Resurfaced using Hot In-Place Recycling Method

On Monday, August 15th the Town of Fairfield will commence using a new method for road restoration called Hot In-Place Recycling (HIR). The following roads will be paved using this process: Galloping Hill Road from Brookside Drive to Martindale Lane, Wyncum Valley Road, Trillium Circle, Trillium Road, and Mountain Laurel Road.

The Hot In-Place Recycling method provides a very low cost maintenance product that enables the town to effectively re-use existing materials. The process demonstrates that asphalt is a rather unique construction material in that it can be effectively and economically restored. Hot In-Place Recycling encourages restoration of previously used materials. New Canaan, Bridgeport and Wolcott are some local towns that have successfully resurfaced their roads using this process, reducing costs and reducing excess material by recycling.

With this process: cracks are interrupted and filled; aggregate stripped of the bitumen is remixed and re-coated; ruts and holes are filled; shoves and bumps are leveled; drainage and crowns are reestablished; and flexibility is restored by chemically rejuvenating the aged and brittle pavement. Aggregate gradation and asphalt content may be modified by some variations of this process.

As a part of this project, the Hot In-Place Recycling method will be used to rebuild the base course. Then the Town will install four different top courses/seals over these five roads.

This process will occur over the three day period of August 15-17, 2016. For more information, please contact Scott Bartlett, Superintendent of Public Works, at (203) 256-3176.