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5/15/2014 - Police Department News & Information

The Fairfield Police Department remains dedicated to maintaining a safe community and strives to achieve that mission through Professionalism, Honor and Excellence.  We are committed to our mission and remain ever vigilant in our service to the residents and visitors of the Town of Fairfield, but we cannot do it alone.  An informed, involved and engaged community remains the number one resource we have to help fulfill our mission.

Information on the Fairfield Police Department along with the services and programs we offer can be found on our website at

Below you will find a list of web address shortcuts that will re-direct you to certain sections of our website.

Downloadable Forms:
(Late Reported Accident, Bad Check Letter, Stolen Cell Phone, Statement of Loss, Parking Tag Complaint, Shoplifting Report, Transient Merchant Application, Burglar Alarm Appeal, Pawn Sheet/Precious Metal Application, Injury Release and more)

Press / News Releases:
Official press releases and information/news regarding pertinent events or police activity.

Online Accident Reports:
Not all accident reports are available online. Reports containing medical and/or arrest information will not be available online.

Traffic Complaints:
Traffic Enforcement Unit section of the website including a link to submit a traffic complaint. 

Parking Tickets: 
Parking Ticket Information and Appeals 

CodeRed Emergency Notification enrollment information. 

Anonymous Tips:
Information how to submit anonymous tips to the police using text message, the web or a mobile app.  

Identity Theft Info:
Information on Identity Theft and how to prevent it.

Information on the SafeReturn Network and how to register.

CIT Information: 
Information on the Crisis Intervention Team and its resources.