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Picnic Areas

Reservations: (203) 256-3191 


Located at Gould Manor, Owen Fish and Veterans Parks, these 3 designated picnic areas are equipped with picnic tables, garbage receptacles, playground equipment and bathroom facilities. Veterans Park also has volleyball poles and bocce courts.

All 3 Parks have ball fields and tennis courts that are not included in the picnic reservation. A separate reservation for fields may be made 2 weeks prior to the event and 1 week in advance for tennis courts provided they are available.

Reservations for picnic areas may be secured, by Fairfield Residents only, by calling 203-256-3191 or in person at the Parks and Recreation office starting January 2 (or the first business day of the year) for the upcoming season. Permits will be given to groups made up of at least 75% residents. Only one permit per day is allowed. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES of any kind are permitted in any park.

There is no fee for making a Picnic Reservation.

Picnic Areas                    

Gould Manor
Owen Fish *

655 Holland Hill Road
1443 Stratfield Road
909 Reef Road     


  * The American Legion Hall at Owen Fish Park may also be rented providing a rainy day solution to your Picnic Area Rental. Call (203) 374-8363.