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10/23/2015 - Parking Authority of Fairfield Board to Consider Solar Carport Installation at Fairfield Center Railroad Lot

To Our Fairfield Rail Commuters:

A resolution regarding a potential solar carport installation in the Fairfield Center NY-bound railroad lot is on the Parking Authority agenda for its upcoming meeting on Thursday, October 29th.

Below is information about the proposed project:

  1. The installation would cover approximately 2/3 of the Town owned spaces, starting from the Unquowa Road end of the lot
  2. The solar carports should cover the parking spaces, sheltering cars from the elements (sun, rain, snow, etc).
  3. The electricity generated by the solar panels on the carport would be used to supply a portion of the power for Tomlinson Middle School, thus reducing Tomlinson’s energy costs.
  4. The carports are to have LED lighting under the solar mounting system that should provide more focused, brighter and longer-lived lighting than now exists in the lot.
  5. The vendor proposes to install one electric vehicle charging station at no capital or operating cost to the Parking Authority.
  6. Construction and installation would be required to take place during the months of June, July and August, a period when many of our commuters are on vacation and might be least impacted.
  7. Construction would occur in stages, with approximately 25% of the carport structures being installed at one time, rendering the parking spaces in that area unavailable for the duration of that area’s construction.
  8. While the Parking Authority will do everything in its power to make sure that all our permit holders will have a place to park, we can not guarantee that there will be sufficient parking spaces for every permit holder to get a space during the construction.

Click here to view an electronic copy of the Greenskies Solar Carport Presentation.

You are invited to attend our October 29th meeting, which will be held in the 2nd floor conference room of Sullivan Independence Hall at 7:30 pm. or to send comments before the meeting to the Parking Authority Board at or to leave comments on the Parking Authority’s Facebook page.