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8/13/2015 - Approved Changes to Rail Lot Space Assignments

At the Special Meeting of the Parking Authority of Fairfield held Wednesday, August 12, 2015 at the NY-bound Fairfield Center railroad station, the Board approved the following changes to the assignment of permit, day and handicap parking at the NH-bound and NY-bound rail lots.

These changes were made in light of the unavoidable elimination of 33 commuter Permit Parking spaces in the Miller-Sanford parking lot on the New Haven side of the Fairfield Center train station and will take effect at the end of August after the lots have been re-striped and new signage installed.

ONE - On the New Haven bound side, we reassigned 18 Day Parking spaces into Permit Parking. The spaces to be reassigned are located facing the track contiguous to Carter Henry Drive, opposite the Sanford-Miller lot and beginning to the left of the Handicap Parking spaces on the west side of the station.

TWO - On the NH-bound side, we authorized DPW to create a total of 4 additional parking spaces in the row under the Unquowa Rd overpass, next to the stairwell leading up to Unquowa Rd. The first two spaces nearest the stairwell will be designated as Handicap Parking. The rest of the spaces in this row, including the two new spaces, will be Permit Parking spaces.

THREE - On the NY-bound side, we will convert into Permit Parking the row of 26 Day Parking spaces located in front of the fence that marks the end of Day Parking. The Day Parking spaces lost in this row will be moved to a new DAY PARKING area in the row facing the NY-bound track as described below.

FOUR - On the NY- bound side, we approved reassigning 44 Permit Parking in the row facing the track on the west side of the station into Day Parking. The spaces to be reassigned begin after the last handicap space. The spaces assigned to motorcycle parking will be unaffected.

Approvals THREE and FOUR mean that there will a new Day Parking row facing the NY-bound track on the west side of the station, beginning after the last Handicap Space. It will consist of 44 spaces (18 switched due to action #1 and 26 due to action #4). Permit parking will begin after the 44 Day Parking spaces and go to the end of the lot.

FIVE - On the New York bound side, we approved the exchange of the 2 Handicap Parking spaces in the section facing Unquowa Road at the top of the hill (across from Tomlinson) with 2 Day Parking spaces under the Unquowa Road overpass.