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8/10/2015 - Letter from Parking Authority Chair Regarding Loss of NH-Bound Spaces

August 10, 2015

To our Fairfield Center Rail Commuters,

For 25+ years, the State-owned property south of the tracks at the Fairfield railroad station has been under the jurisdiction of the Parking Authority of Fairfield which has managed it as a rail commuter parking lot under a lease agreement with the State. The NH-bound lot had 91 permit spaces, 30 day parking spaces and 2 handicap spaces.

Loss of commuter spaces in the NH-bound side rail lot
Prior to the construction of the Fairfield Metro station, the State, the Town and the developer signed a tri-partite agreement that committed the State to convey land it owned south of the tracks to the Town. Once the state land was transferred to the town, the agreement stated that it was to be used, not for rail commuter parking but to provide additional parking for employees and owners of downtown businesses as well as the general public.

How many spaces did commuters lose to downtown employee parking?
33 permit parking spaces - the first two permit rows closest to Carter Henry Drive in the Sanford-Miller lot (aka South side rail lot or NH-bound side rail lot).

When was the property transferred to the Town?
The State quit claimed the property to the Town several months ago.

Was the Parking Authority a party to the agreement?
The Parking Authority was not a party to the tri-partite agreement or any later negotiations, nor was the input of the Parking Authority ever requested.

Is there anything the Parking Authority can do about this?
The tri-partite agreement, created by the Flatto administration with no participation from the Parking Authority, is a done deal. We cannot change it. We have to move forward. Therefore:

The Parking Authority will hold a special meeting at the Fairfield Center railroad station (NY-bound side) on Wednesday, August 12 at 7:30 pm.  The first item on the agenda will be a discussion and potential vote on whether to make changes to the allocation of permit and day parking spaces on the south (NH-bound) side of the station and if so, what form any re-allocation should take. The discussion will include whether it is possible to add two handicap parking spaces on the south side.

While it is impossible that any solution will please everyone, the Board will try to decide on one that is as fair as possible to both permit and day parkers . You are invited to attend.


MaryKay Frost
Chair, Parking Authority of Fairfield