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Flower House Drive & Duck Farm Open Space Area 

Acquired: 1968 & 2007
Acreage: 5 acres
Access: west side of Flower House Drive; north side of Duck Farm Road
Maps:   Google Maps
 Trail Map
Uses: wetland protection, wildlife conservation

Location and Access 

This is a relatively small open space area of about five acres on the east bank of the Mill River. The northern part of the area lies between Flower House Drive and the River. The southern portion of the area extends approximately 700 feet to the boundary along Duck Farm Road.  This explains the area’s name. Just to the south, across Duck Farm Road, is the Riverfield Open Space Area.

You can walk into the area from two locations on Flower House Drive and there is space for a few cars to park along the curb of the cul-de-sac at the end of the road. The other point of access is from Duck Farm Road where there’s some space to park carefully along the side of the road.


 The Town acquired two separate parcels to establish the open space area. The Flower House Drive parcel was acquired in 1968 and the Duck Farm Road property was acquired in 2007. In the early 1900’s, sand and gravel were mined from the nearby stretch of the Mill River and that’s why the river is relatively wide here. Today, the open space area is managed by the Conservation Commission as part of the “greenbelt” of Town lands along the Mill River and a walking trail is provided over the length of the property.


 The Flower House Drive portion of the open space area includes a small ridge with steep slopes down to the river. The rest of the area, south to Duck Farm Road, is in the Mill River floodplain and is generally flat with mounds of earth associated with past gravel operations and is often wet.

Vegetation and Wildlife

The area has both hardwood forest and wetland vegetation. Much of the area near Flower House Drive contains a thick growth of trees and shrubs, including mature black birch, oak, beech, and red maple. A variety of vegetation in the un­derstory provides good habitat for many birds, small mammals, and amphibians. 


There’s one trail and it extends from the northerly entrance off Flower House Drive to Duck Farm Road. About 1,200 feet long, the trail has an uneven surface and it doesn’t provide access to the river. Trail improvements are now being planned by the Conservation Department. 

Photo Tour

Scroll below to view photographs of the Flower House Drive and Duck Farm Open Space Area:

Page content from Frank Rice's 'Walking Through Fairfield's Open Spaces - A Guide to Fairfield Walking and Hiking Trails' published by the Conservation Commission in 2009.