Dear Fairfielders,

It has been my sincere honor to serve the community where generations of my family were raised. I was proud to be the second woman ever elected First Selectwoman in 384 years, and have loved working with people from all backgrounds, cultures and affiliations. 

While the last four years have been challenging both serving as First Selectwoman and for me personally, they have also been the most rewarding of all my years in public service.  

I am proud of the positive changes my administration undertook to institute a more effective town government for the people and businesses in Fairfield.   

While making big changes can be uncomfortable for some, they were necessary. During my early months serving as First Selectwoman, it was glaringly obvious our town government desperately needed those changes regardless of the political consequences.  

I hope I helped to restore the public’s trust in our town government.

While disappointed in the outcome of the election, I am proud of our issue-based and positive campaign, because to me, no election is worth compromising your personal integrity. 

It is critical that the voices of all our residents are represented in town government. I look forward to serving as a member of the Board of Selectmen I was elected to and leading with the same bipartisan, solutions-oriented manner I have over the last four years as First Selectwoman. 

I welcome Mr. Gerber and Mrs. Vitale to join me in a shared commitment of bipartisanship, transparency and open government being better together. I also hope my experience will be helpful to the new administration who will be taking over the serious work my administration has done over the last four years. 

To our dedicated town employees, and department heads, the last week has been difficult. I truly appreciate your very kind words and messages of support and appreciation. You have made a challenging job, less challenging, and the work you have accomplished and continue to do is to be commended. I certainly will miss working with you every day, but I look forward to seeing you at the Board of Selectmen meetings and around town. 

The over 200 newsletters sent over the last four years are archived 
here on the Town website to serve as a historical preservation of the challenges, successes and overall town operations. I have also provided the newsletter distribution list to the next administration so they can continue the good work we started with creating Fairfield's first town wide newsletter update. 

I want to sincerely thank those in our community who shared invaluable feedback to my newsletters on a wide range of issues and for your kindness during the dark days of Covid, when my son suffered a serious health crisis, and when my mother passed away. I will always be grateful and will remember the sincere support from so many of you. 

Wednesday is officially my last day as Town Hall will be closed Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving Day holiday and the new administration will take over on the 27th. 

I hope you’ll stay in touch with me at 

Fairfield is filled with so many kind and generous people, who are always willing to lend a hand to help and offer kindness in so many ways. I wish you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful for the community we are blessed to live in.

We are Fairfield.


Brenda L. Kupchick
Fairfield First Selectwoman