FAIRFIELD, CT — In May 2023, Fairfield took a significant step in thefairfield stands logo small humanitarian effort to assist Ukrainian citizens. The Town announced a new sister city partnership with Kostiantynivka, Ukraine, under the leadership of Ukraine Aid International, Inc. This partnership was forged with a dual purpose: to offer support and contribute to the reconstruction of this heavily affected front-line community and to foster a deeper connection between the United States and Ukraine. It aims to create opportunities for the exchange of ideas, expertise, and cultures, strengthening the bonds of friendship between the two nations.

“Listening to this proud Ukrainian Mayor helped me gain important perspective on how blessed we are to live in a free and safe town and country. Our community is very honored to be their Sister City and to show our strong commitment and allegiance,” said First Selectwoman Brenda Kupchick.

Since first announcing its new sister city partnership, First Selectwoman Kupchick has assembled a group of caring, community service-oriented residents to serve on the Fairfield- Kostiantynivka Sister City Steering Committee. This volunteer committee will help to educate the Fairfield community on the needs and circumstances of Kostiantynivka as well as raise funds to provide necessary relief as requested by Mayor Rostov and the leadership of Kostiantynivka including:

  • Armored Van: for civilian evacuations and delivery of urgent aid to residents
  • Crane: to assist in the removal of large pieces of rubble
  • Refrigerated Van
  • Dump Truck

“Kostiantynivka was in the news recently after 16 residents recently died in an airstrike. Innocent civilians are in need of our help, and I hope Fairfield residents will join us in our effort to assist our sister city”, added First Selectwoman Brenda L. Kupchick.

Fairfield announces ‘Fairfield Stand with Ukraine’ fundraising event on October 27th at the SHU Community Theater in Fairfield, CT.

The Fairfield-Kostiantynivka Steering Committee has been working diligently since its formation on an exciting initial fundraising event, ‘Fairfield Stands with Ukraine – Supporting Our Sister City Kostiantynivka’. The event will take place at the SHU Community Theatre on Post Road in Fairfield, CT on Friday, October 27, 2023 at 6:00pm. The evening filled with musicart, and cultural performances will help to raise awareness and funds for the critical needs of Kostiantynivka, while highlighting the rich Ukrainian heritage.

Attendees will be treated to:

  • Unique and original Ukrainian performances
  • Personalized video greeting from Mayor Rostov of Kostiantynivka
  • Silent auction
  • More to be announced

For more information and tickets please visit: https://FairfieldStandswithUkraine2023.eventbrite.com


Kostiantynivka, located in Donetsk Oblast, eastern Ukraine, is an industrial city nestled along the Kryvyi Torets River. Historically, it held a prominent status as one of Ukraine's key glass-making centers.

The shadow of the Russian invasion loomed large over this city, commencing on February 24. In the initial hours of the conflict, Kostiantynivka suffered missile strikes that targeted its citizens as well as a local military base. Regrettably, the city continued to bear the brunt of the ongoing conflict. As recently as September 6, 2023, a devastating Russian missile strike occurred, targeting an open market in broad daylight. This tragic event claimed the lives of 17 civilians, among them a child, while leaving at least 32 others injured.

Prior to the war, Kostiantynivka boasted a population of approximately 67,000 residents, including 14,700 children. Today, the city stands profoundly altered, with only around 1,900 children remaining. Despite the ongoing risks and challenges, efforts persist to convince residents to evacuate. Simultaneously, work is underway to construct underground shelters for schools and kindergartens, aiming to provide safety and protection for those who choose to stay.

About Ukraine Aid International

Ukraine Aid International (UAI) was founded in April 2022 to provide humanitarian aid directly to civilians on the front lines of the war. UAI has partnered with over 100 communities in Ukraine to provide critical aid, and facilitates "Sister City" partnerships with cities in the United States to fundraise locally and deploy resources in a transparent, efficient manner. Since April 2022, UAI has facilitated the delivery of over 1 million pounds of humanitarian aid, including food, medicine, clothing, reconstruction materials, equipment, vehicles, ambulances and clean water to Ukrainians in the most devastated communities including Lyman, Sviatohirsk, Izyum, Kramatorsk, Konstantinovka, Druzhkivka and Siversk.

UAI is a 501(c)3 organization headquartered in Connecticut. Media inquiries can be directed to the Ukraine Aid International team at media@ukraineaidinternational.org.


Members of the Steering Committee

Gerry Alessi

Concettina Caruso

Laura Devlin

Al DiGuido

Bill Mitchell

Yuliya Pokhodnya

Paul Sutera

Carol Wauchope

Ivanna Vintonyak

Mary Alice Limperopulos

Ukraine Aid International