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6/24/2022 - 6.24 TOWN UPDATE
Dear Fairfielders,

It’s officially summer!

School is out – our beaches, parks, and Town are bustling with activity. As we head into the last week of the fiscal year, our Town government is as busy as ever. I've included in this week’s newsletter updates from Town Hall, including the Town of Fairfield was again awarded a AAA bond rating from the rating agencies. The Board of Selectmen will also be holding special meetings next week to review the recommendations from the Charter Revision Commission. The Park & Recreation Department has planned and organized countless summer activities for all ages – concerts, comedy nights, camps, and 
much more
I also launched a new 8-30g Q&A on our website that I believe will be helpful in answering residents' questions about overdevelopment. I hope you will take a few minutes to read below the Town Government News, Community News, Community Events, and Business News sections of the newsletter.
It is a top priority for me to share information with our residents. I acknowledge, at times, my newsletter updates can be long. However, your feedback through email lets me know that many in our community appreciate the information. You can always browse and find the most meaningful topics for you and your family. 

I want to give a special shout-out and congratulate Fairfield Warde High School's baseball team for earning the title of Class LL State Champions. Their hard work and determination makes all of Fairfield proud!
Photo by Fairfield Warde Baseball
I want to congratulate all Fairfield students who moved up from elementary and middle school and graduated from high school. Fairfield is so proud of you!
I also want to acknowledge all the hard work of our teachers and principals investing their time and talent for the students of Fairfield. I wish the class of 2022 the best of luck and success in their next chapter. 
In case you missed it, I sent a full update on Fairfield's fireworks last week. You can read it 
The Town of Fairfield received another AAA rating from Moody’s Investors Services and S&P Global Ratings, which is great news for our taxpayers, and a tribute to the Town's fiscal responsibility. S&P wrote in its report, “Conservative management with well-defined policies and practices, and a strong institutional framework score” as well as a “strong debt profile with well-funded pension plans” contributed to the top rating. 

The Town's annual bond and note sale was held on Wednesday, June 22
nd, with members of the Bond Committee, Selectwoman Nancy Lefkowitz, Town Treasurer Chris Tymniak, as well as CFO, Jared Schmitt. 

Long-term bonds in the amount of $32,460,000 and short-term notes in the amount of $8,090,000 were sold on the competitive market. Janney Montgomery Scott LLC submitted the winning bid for the long-term bonds, with a low-interest rate in today’s market of 3.45%, which will help to minimize interest costs for taxpayers in future years. Fidelity Capital was the winning bid on the short-term bonds at 2.39%. 

The proceeds from the issuance will provide much-needed funding for several notable projects in this financing, including the RLMS Turf Field project, the Emergency Radio project, Public Works vehicles and equipment, school roof replacement and bathroom renovations, Tide Gate projects, and numerous capital non-recurring projects for both the Town and School.
I acknowledge the Town Charter isn’t a topic most residents would consider exciting, it is however Fairfield’s governing document. A final revision will be on the ballot for you to vote on in November. I hope that my updates since the Commission began its work, and the information provided below, will give you the tools to make a fully informed decision when voting on the Charter Revision in November.

Why did the Town create a Charter Revision Commission? 
There are several reasons why it was necessary:
  1. It has been 15 years since the Town's last charter revision, and the recommended window to reopen a charter is every 10 years.
  2. The Strategic Planning Committee, commissioned under the former administration, released its report that reflected residents' favor for Town governance re-examined.
In an effort to ensure a fair and transparent Charter Revision process, I began by hiring special counsel Steve Mednick, who has conducted over 30 municipal Charter Revisions, to assist the bipartisan Commission with their work. Every meeting held by the CRC since last fall has been shown live on FairTV and online. All recordings of the meetings have been posted to the Commission's websiteThe CRC held multiple public hearings and an opportunity for public comment during meetings and through email. Attorney Mednick brought in expert panelists on different forms of government and officials from other CT municipalities joined the meetings to relay their experiences. The Commission spent a considerable amount of time listening to all points of view from members of our community and those outside experts who provided alternative points of view.

One of the many items that were identified and explored with the guest panelists was that Fairfield is one of only two municipalities with our population size (62,000) that still has a BOS and RTM form of government. Early on, the CRC had endorsed substantial changes to our town governance model, however, in the end, their recommended changes do not alter our current system of government. 

The final recommendations by the CRC are not as substantive as I thought they could be, but after many months of work, the CRC, a volunteer group of residents, produced a document they believe is in the best interest of the Town through honest, transparent dialogue and a lot of consensus-building. This was not an easy job and I thank them for their work on behalf of our community.

I do believe the final draft organizes the document in a more understandable manner (especially for those of us who are not attorneys) and provides for an efficient and productive budget process that is more transparent and easier for the public to follow. The final recommended governance changes are a culmination of best practices that retain the Town's current form of government, while also establishing a framework that allows future government officials to build upon those changes.

I have encouraged residents and elected officials throughout this process to watch the meetings in order to have a full understanding of everything the Commission heard, and the reasoning for their suggested changes. Learning directly from a source is always better than relying on social media posts or personal observations through letters to the editor. 

The quickest and most objective way to digest the work of the Commission is to read the summary from legal counsel and the full revision of the charter

My hope at the end of this process is that our community will have a modernized and more efficient Town Charter to assist our elected leaders as they govern on behalf of Fairfield residents.

The Board of Selectmen (BOS) will hold special meetings next week
 to hear a presentation from the Charter Revision Commission and will hold a public hearing before voting on changes. 

The first special meeting will be held on Monday, June 27
th at 4 PM to hear a presentation from the Commission and Attorney Mednick.
On Wednesday, June 29
th at 5:30 PM, the BOS will convene in a special meeting for a public hearing on the Charter.

The BOS could vote on this item on July 29
th, but I have reserved July 5th if additional deliberation is needed before a final vote.

If the BOS makes any changes to the Commission's recommendations, those changes would have to go back to the CRC before the BOS could take final action.

The final recommendations voted on by the BOS will be placed on the ballot this November for all citizens to vote on.
Charter Revision Website
What is 8-30g, and why are there so many large developments being proposed in Fairfield?

CT State Statute 8-30g has caused great concern for our residents over the last few years. While I support increasing affordable housing options for young people, working families, and our seniors, I have also seen the unintended consequences of this law, as some developers use it to subvert local land-use regulations. The 8-30g State Statute is flawed and in serious need of reform.

I spent many years in the State Legislature as Ranking Member of the Housing Committee, working to make meaningful amendments to this Statute. Even the smallest change such as allowing senior housing points to count the same as family housing, was extremely difficult to get passed because the majority in Hartford was, and remains, adamantly opposed to any substantive changes to 8-30g. You can read more about proposed changes in my submitted testimony from this legislative session here

To provide some perspective, from the time the 8-30g Statute was enacted in 1989 until 2019, a period of 30 years, Fairfield’s TP&Z reviewed 12 8-30g applications. In contrast, from 2020-202211 proposals have been submitted.

The pandemic created a surge in demand for housing in Connecticut suburbs like Fairfield. Housing inventory has been low, creating a demand for additional housing. This is supported by the fact that newly constructed rental developments lease up quickly.


I have been working with our Director of Community and Economic Development, Mark Barnhart, and the Affordable Housing Committee to increase the Town's own affordable housing stock. To that end, the Town recently acquired a small, privately owned lot abutting Town property utilizing the Housing Trust Fund and will build two duplexes in concert with a non-profit. The Town is working to acquire additional properties to assist in the effort to reach a moratorium, which would provide a four-year reprieve from having to approve new 8-30g applications. While these efforts will not be a quick fix, the Town is committed to doing everything we can to protect our local zoning laws. 

I want to thank Mark for working with me to create a Q&A for the Town website to help answer resident questions about 8-30g. 
I hope you find this information helpful.
Fairfield's New 8-30g FAQ
Property Tax Bills will be mailed out today, June 24th
The 2021 Grand List Property Tax Bills that become due on July 1, 2022, will be mailed out today, Friday, June 24th. The Tax Office is open to the public, and no appointment is necessary. Once the bills are mailed, you may also look up your bill and pay online by visiting Payments with an original bill coupon can also be made at any People's United Bank location beginning Friday, July 1st. You do not need to be a customer.

Please note that according to State Statute, tax payments are due July 1st with a 30-day grace period until Monday, August 1st. Interest begins to accrue on Tuesday, August 2nd at a rate of 1 1/2% per month, dating back to July 1, 2022.

Click here to read Frequently Asked Questions regarding tax payments.
On Thursday, June 30th, from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM, residents are welcome to attend the Parks & Recreation Master Plan workshop, located in the Fairfield Ludlowe High School Cafeteria. Come hear a project update and provide input on the draft concept plans, which are now posted on the project website. The department wants to hear from you! To learn more about the project and how you can participate, visit the project website at:
The Town Assessor would like to advise residents that used motor vehicle values have generally increased from last year, primarily due to the chip shortage for new cars. Residents should be aware that the assessment on your car has likely increased from last year. Several articles on the issue can be found here.
The final report of the Post Road Circle Study has been completed and is publicly available. The final report, the existing conditions and alternatives reports, as well as several interactive webpages are available 

The final recommendations were presented at a virtual public meeting on December 15, 2021. The meeting recording and presentation were posted to the project 
website. Comments on the presentation and recommendations were accepted until January 19, 2022. I want to thank the members of our community who have assisted in this process by participating in public meetings and responding to surveys. This project is critical to improving safety for pedestrians and drivers.

The Town is now pursuing funding through the Regional Planning Agency and the DOT for a full design. 
The Town of Fairfield has begun a detailed study to analyze the drainage of the downtown area along the Post Road between Reef Road and Thorpe Street. SLR International, Inc. has been retained by the Town of Fairfield to perform this study and evaluate measures to reduce flooding in this area. This survey will occur in June and July 2022.

In order to collect data relevant to the study, SLR, Inc. personnel may need to access private property to obtain field information related to drainage only. They will be carrying appropriate identification and will present identification upon request. They will not need to enter your residence, building or require anything from you as part of this survey work.

Please share any information you may have regarding non-coastal flooding in your area. This information can include dates, photographs, or measurements to share that may benefit the study. We request that you contact James Murac, P.E. at SLR, Inc. using the email address jmurac@slrconsulting.comShould you have any questions, observations, comments, or concerns, you may contact William Hurley, P.E. Town Engineering of Fairfield at (203) 256-3015.
At the June 20th Board of Selectmen (BOS) meeting, Aquarion presented its Capital Program Update, which included engineering and planning at Aquarion, water distribution, water storage, regulators, pumping, water treatment, dams, and ISO reporting and documentation.

To view Aquarion's full presentation, you may do so 
here. You may also watch Aquarion's presentation at the BOS meeting here.
Please be advised the WeCare Denali site has a change in hours for the coming holiday weekend. The special hours are reflected below:
  • OPEN Friday, July 1st  from 7 AM – 4 PM
  • CLOSED Saturday, July 2nd through Monday, July 4th 
  • OPEN Tuesday, July 5th from 7 AM – 4 PM
State law requires dogs six months of age or older must be licensed by July 1st each year. A current rabies certificate is required.

Licenses may be purchased by mail, via lobby drop box or at the Town Clerk’s Office, Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM beginning June 1st. Renewals are available online.
To apply for the license by mail, send the required certificates to Betsy Browne, Town Clerk, 611 Old Post Road, Fairfield CT 06824, along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope. For more information visit
In an effort to reduce the contamination of the Recycling Steam and accompanying added costs, the Solid Waste Committee with help from the Sustainable Fairfield Task Force have developed a Recycling Sticker of what IS and is NOT permitted to be placed in the recycling bins. We have reached out to our residential haulers to help us with the dissemination of the attached stickers. Residents may see new stickers affixed to the top of their recycling containers. We would like to stress that plastic bags of any kind are NOT permitted.
The Fairfield Police Union Scholarship Fund was established in 2014 to benefit the children of Fairfield Police Officers. The Fund began with an initial contribution of $10,000 and has grown substantially through a combination of fundraisers, donations, and voluntary payroll deductions from members of the Fairfield Police Department.

Congratulations to this year’s Fairfield Police Union Scholarship recipients! It was an honor to attend the award ceremony and present each student with their award.

You can click here to learn more about the Fairfield Police Union Scholarship fund and view photos from this year's award ceremony.
The Fairfield Harbor Management Commission has just issued the Southport Harbor 2021 Annual Report. The report provides important updates on boating safety, dredging and sand management plans, lower wharf improvement plans, and other key issues of concern to anyone who uses or just enjoys viewing beautiful Southport Harbor. In addition, there are presentations imbedded within the report that will provide a rich, illustrated history of Southport Harbor and the efforts by many over time to keep it safe and available for all.
The 2021 annual report, available to all, can be viewed 
I enjoyed taking time to join residents for “Coffee and Conversation” at the Bigelow Senior Center this last Friday. I always love spending time listening to the input of residents.  
I especially enjoyed welcoming a new Fairfield resident, Eileen Francis, who recently moved to Town to be closer to her daughter and grandchildren. 
One out of every three families struggles to provide clean diapers for their babies.
I’m joining forces for a Diaper Drive, hosted by State Representative Laura Devlin, to benefit Fairfield Families. 
Rep. Devlin and I will join Carla Miklos from Operation Hope at Saugatuck Sweets in Fairfield on Saturday, June 24th, from 1 PM 
 2 PM to collect diaper donations. 
June is National Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month, and is intended to raise public awareness about issues related to PTSD, reduce the stigma associated with PTSD, and help ensure that those suffering from the invisible wounds of war receive proper treatment. If you are a Veteran in crisis or know one, connect with the Veterans' Crisis Line: call 1-800-273-8255 or text 838255.
Last week, researchers from Western Connecticut State University’s (WCSU) Tickborne Disease Prevention Laboratory identified several Asian long-horned ticks (ALTs) from a dog of a Fairfield beach area resident. Due to this finding, the WCSU research team conducted surveillance sampling of the overflow grass parking areas of Penfield Beach and various areas at Jennings Beach and found a significant number of these ticks in these areas. While ALTs are known to transmit diseases in other countries, they are not known to transmit any diseases to humans or pets in the US at this time. These ticks can be a concern to livestock. The Town is working with the WCSU research team to implement recommended mitigation strategies and the Town has already begun the process of trimming back bushes, grasses, and other plants from beach area sidewalks and other walking areas to reduce the risk of ticks attaching to people and pets. 

The Health Department is urging residents to take precautions to prevent tick bites anywhere in Town, including the beach area, when one might come in contact with grassy, brushy, or wooded areas where ticks typically live.  For more information on tick prevention visit the 
CDC website here. For more information on the Asian Long-horned Tick, click here
I want to congratulate Ginna Paules, Debbie Clancy, and Norma Peterson on receiving the Citizens Award. They are valuable members of our community who have gone above and beyond as administrative members of the 
Fairfield Juvenile Review Board since it was founded. 

Gina, Debbie, and Norma were nominated by Detective Beth Leetch, who recognizes their dedicated volunteer work where they have successfully steered Fairfield's youth away from the Juvenile Justice System. Thank you ladies for your service to making our community a better place.
Growing for Good was established two years ago by the Greens Farms Garden Club as a community effort to grow organic vegetables and donate the produce to those who face food insecurity across neighboring communities.

This initiative is possible through the generosity of Prospect Garden in Westport, Wakeman Town Farm in Westport, and St. Timothy's Church in Fairfield by providing community gardening plots. Currently, Growing for Good donates its produce to St John's Family Center and Mercy Learning Center along with Ginny Levy at 
Limehawk Farm, supplying her farm-fresh eggs and other produce.

I encourage you to learn more about Growing for Good's initiatives by reading their 
brochure or visiting their website here.
The Merritt Parkway Conservancy held its first annual Janus Awards on June 12th to honor its founders – Emil Frankel, Dee Winokur, and Peter Szabo – and celebrate its 20th anniversary. Named after the Roman God Janus, these Awards reflect the extraordinary foresight and hindsight of the Conservancy founders, who sought to preserve, revitalize, and steward the beauty of the Merritt Parkway which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

I would like to also recognize three of our residents who serve on the Conservancy’s Board of Directors – Jeremy Frost (Vice-Chair), David Parker (Vice-Chair), and Alloe Stokes – and thank them for their commitment to preserving and protecting the aesthetic and ecological aspects of the historic Merritt Parkway. Visit to learn about the Parkway’s history, which was named after a former Congressman.   
The Fairfield Parks and Recreation Board’s Subcommittee on Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) is notifying the public of a request to comment on draft recommendations on the current placement and need for Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) at public locations, under the purview of the Fairfield Parks, where cardiac arrest is likely to occur. The aim of the subcommittee's recommendations are to improve access to AEDs and survival of sudden cardiac events by enhancing information sharing and cooperation across Town government and with private organizations. For more information, check out
I want to thank Fairfield Ludlowe High School Student Gillian Applebaum, Reverend Sarah Smith and State Rep. Cristin McCarthy Vahey for offering remarks before the Town's annual Pride flag-raising.

I want to offer my sincere appreciation to Anthony Calabrese, Director of Parks & Recreation and the Parks Department for creating a new fun Pride celebration for Fairfield.

Thank you to our Department of Public Works employees, Antonio Sardinha and Al Kaczegowicz, for assisting us in raising the Pride Flag.

I was very heartened to receive kind and positive comments from families thanking the Town for hosting a fun and welcoming Pride Celebration.
Photos by Dariusz Terepka
I had a wonderful time at the Southport Street Parade
 & Blessing of the Fleet with Grand Marshal of the parade Dr. Ben Powers, Head of Southport School. Special thanks to the Southport Conservancy for hosting this popular event. I also want to recognize the Conservancy’s Parade Subcommittee Chair, Tim Russell, and Vice-Chairs Hugh Smith and Harbormaster Bryan LeClerc.

Blessing of the Fleet ceremonies are an annual tradition that began centuries ago in Mediterranean fishing communities. Past Commodore of the Pequot Yacht Club, Steve Galpin, initiated the local Blessing of the Fleet in Southport Harbor almost 25 years ago.

With mastheads festooned with decorative signal flags, sailboats, motorboats, and sometimes kayaks and canoes pass under a giant arc of water pumped across Southport Harbor by our Fire Department and blessed by local clergy.
Photos by Geoffrey Steadman
Thank you to all of the musicians, artists, venues, and those who attended Make Music Fairfield 2022! What a wonderful way to bring the community together.

For more information on this yearly event, please visit and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.  
About 2.5 million people in the United States have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Last Saturday, I joined Glenn Levinson, owner of Westfair TV Audio, for an MS benefit held in the memory of his beloved mother Sally and Meg Wajda, wife of long-time Westfair super tech, Andy Wajda. 
Glenn, and the Westfair Family, felt compelled to turn their pain into action with a benefit concert in an effort to help make a difference in the lives of people living with MS.

Westfair TV Audio has been a Town of Fairfield fixture celebrating its 60
th year in business owned and operated by the Levinson Family, lifelong Fairfielders. In typical Fairfield fashion, residents showed what I value most about our Town, our strong sense of community.
Fairfield Fire Department’s Engine 3 was among many first-responders supporting the Touch-a-Truck event on June 11th at Warde High School, which featured Hands-only CPR instruction and raised funds to buy AEDs for distribution throughout the Town.
Each year, the Pequot Yacht club hosts a safety drill that exercises their emergency procedures and their coordination with Fire, EMS, Police, and the U.S. Coast Guard. The motto these emergency response professionals live by during these procedures is, "one team, one goal". The Pequot Yacht Club and Fairfield's Fire Department worked together this year with successful communication during the drill.

Fairfield Fire Assistant Chief George Gomola spoke encouraging words at the pre and post-drill briefings. Fairfield Fire LT. Scott Trembley followed Assistant Chief Gomola with additional briefing points to boost team morale. Every team member present performed efficiently and successfully.

To learn more about the harbor safety drill, you can read the story written by News12 here. You may also view the video Pequot Yacht Club General  Manager Jeffrey Engborg put together here. I want to thank Jeffrey Engborg for organizing this important safety drill every year, as well as Fairfield's Fire Department for taking their time to perform the drills in training for the safety of our residents.
Photos by Geoffrey Steadman
Visit Dr. LoPresti and the team in the Brick Walk at 1215 Post Road, check out their website. Dr. LoPresti and his family are Fairfield residents and are excited to start this new adventure locally. The Town welcome Fairfield SET Straightening + Whitening!
Photo by Mike Lauterborn from HamletHub
The Town of Fairfield and Fairfield Chamber of Commerce will again co-sponsor the Fairfield Sidewalk Sale & Street Fair Event on Saturday, July 16th, from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Businesses and vendors interested in either participating in or sponsoring this year’s event should contact the Office of Community & Economic Development
To register for the Awards & Recognition dinner, please click here
June is a significant month in our nation’s history, where we celebrate freedom, equality and justice for all.

On June 14th, we celebrated Flag Day, where we honored our nation’s flag. The holiday commemorates this date in 1777 when the United States approved the design of its first national flag. 

On June 4, 1919, Congress granted women the right to vote.

June is also Pride Month. The first observance of Pride Month was in 1970 in New York City, marking the one-year anniversary of the 
Stonewall Uprising. On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court struck down the state bans on same-sex marriage and legalized it in all fifty states.

On June 16th, Fairfield celebrated Pride Month by raising the Pride Flag in front of Town Hall for the fourth year in a row, which serves as a reminder that our community will stand against discrimination of any kind. This year’s flag-raising was followed by a family fun event behind Burr Mansion, where our community was able to enjoy live music, games, and purchase food from local food trucks.

June 19th, Juneteenth, is now a federal holiday. On “Freedom’s Eve,” or the eve of January 1, 1863, the first Watch Night services took place. On that night, enslaved and free African Americans gathered in churches and private homes all across the country, awaiting news that the Emancipation Proclamation had taken effect.

But not everyone in Confederate territory would immediately be free. Even though the Emancipation Proclamation was made effective in 1863, it could not be implemented in places still under Confederate control. 

As a result, in the westernmost Confederate state of Texas, enslaved people would not be free until much later. Freedom finally came on June 19, 1865, when some 2,000 Union troops arrived in Galveston Bay, Texas. The army announced that the more than 250,000 enslaved black people in the state were free by executive decree.

For 245 years, Americans have celebrated the birth of our nation on July 4th. The Declaration of Independence is a document I think every American should take the time to read at least once a year to remember the foundation of our country. You can read the document here

I am excited about Fairfield's fireworks display this year and look forward to celebrating with our community. Click here to view last week's Fairfield Fireworks Update which includes information on closures, traffic patterns, and drop-offs that will impact the process of arriving to and departing from our beaches as we celebrate Independence Day.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Brenda L. Kupchick
Fairfield First Selectwoman
CDC has changed from community transmission indicators to a “Community Level” indicator, which is focused more on the presence of severe illness as indicated by hospitalization-related data. Since seeing a peak of COVID-19 activity during the third week of May, cases, hospitalizations and deaths have been trending downward. Fairfield County is currently in the CDC’s “Low” Community level category with most counties in CT being in the "Medium” category. We recommend residents follow the CDC guidance which includes staying up to date with vaccination and getting tested if ill.

For vaccination locations, there are 
numerous sites available in Fairfield and nearby as well as daily walk-in clinics in many Towns. 

There are 
10 COVID testing sites in Fairfield under contract to offer no-out-of-pocket cost testing to CT residents.
The Fairfield Farmer's Market has begun its season on the Sherman Green. The market will be open on Sundays from 10 AM – 2 PM until October 9th
The Greenfield Hill Farmer's Market is now open Saturdays from 10 AM – 1 PM until October 29th. For more information, please click here.
Operation Hope's Town-Wide Tag Sale will take place in various locations around Fairfield and Southport on Saturday, July 23rd, 9 AM – 4 PM, rain or shine. They are asking friends to host tag sales in their own yards and garages around Fairfield and Southport that Saturday. This is your chance to purge so others and more importantly, our neighbors in need, will benefit from your treasures. Proceeds from the event will help Operation Hope continue to end hunger and end homelessness, one person at a time. If you are interested in hosting a Tag Sale site this year, please complete the form at by July 9th.  Please email questions to tagsale@operationhopect.orgThank you for lending a hand, and especially for opening your home and heart.
The Tucker Fund was created to remember Tucker Secrist,  a bright, gifted, and kind young man lost too soon, to honor his love of Fairfield and the outdoors. 

This year, the Tucker Fund will be raising funds to enhance and redesign the Jennings Beach Entryway. The goal of the project is to create an ecologically resilient and sustainable beachfront entryway that provides valuable coastal habitat.  
The Tucker Fund's largest fundraiser is an annual cornhole tournament, which will be held on June 25th from 4 – 8 PM. Tickets include a t-shirt, pizza, refreshments, and entry to the tournament. Please head to their website for more information or donate to support their cause here
The 4th Annual Fairfield Police Sunset 5k – Presented by MONECO Advisors, is scheduled for July 20th at 6:00 PM. This Town favorite and family friendly event will be held at picturesque Penfield Beach, followed by a food truck rodeo. Come run, walk or just cheer on the crowd, all are welcome! Proceeds from the race will benefit the Fairfield Police Union Scholarship Fund & The Fairfield Police Foundation. For more information, to sign up or consider sponsorship, please click here.
Pequot Library's Annual Summer Book Sale will kick off on Friday, July 22nd, and run through July 26th. This popular event is one of New England’s largest book sales with over 100,000 books plus CDs, DVDs, records, and unique specials. For more information, including the schedule, please click here. I hope to see you there and leaving with some great summer reads!
Community classes are to be held at the Fairfield Regional Fire School, 205 Richard White Way. If you have questions regarding any of these courses, please contac(203) 254-4708, or email

Heartsaver Layperson
CPR/AED Certification

Saturday Morning, November 27th 
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

$50 per student

BLS Healthcare Provider CPR/AED
Saturday Morning, August 27
9:00 AM 
– 12:00 PM
$90 Per Student

Fairfield senior center's mission is to provide services and programs for older adults that promote well being, support independence, and encourage involvement in community life. To become more involved with local activities and stay informed on news surrounding the Senior Center, you can view their Newsletter.
The hardest part of getting help is reaching out. We are here to help. Please call us at (203) 256-3170 Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM for more information or to schedule an appointment.

For more additional information and resources, social services offers a comprehensive newsletter with various programs addressing career development, service members, and housing here.
Both branches of Fairfield Public Library are open the following hours:  Monday – Thursday, 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM; Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, and Saturdays 1:00 – 5:00 PM. The Libraries will be closed on Sundays until after Labor Day.  Both locations will be closed on Monday, July 4th, for Independence Day.

The Library is excited to announce “Press Reader,” a new database available through the Fairfield Public Library website.  With Press Reader, users can read online or via the Press Reader app more than 7,000 newspapers and magazines from around the globe, and in more than 60 languages. The best part is that all downloaded articles are yours to keep forever! Right click on any article in a foreign language and translate to English or 20 other world languages here.

FPL’s Summer Reading Challenge begins this month! From June 20th to August 13th, readers of ALL ages can log their reading minutes on our Beanstack app and participate in programs and events to win prizes! This summer’s theme: Fairfield! The Library encourages all Fairfielders to explore the joys of summer reading with this great program that includes board games, trivia nights, craft sessions and a Town-wide scavenger hunt!  Kick-off for the Children’s Summer Reading Challenge is Friday, June 24th, from 10:00 AM to noon at Penfield Beach. (No registration necessary, but beach parking stickers are required.)  For more information, please see our website.

From June 11th through August 6th, 2022, the public can view “Sculptural Dimensions” at the Bruce S. Kershner Gallery at Main Library. “Sculptural Dimensions” features the work of local artists Louise Cadoux, Sooo-z Mastropietro, and Alan Neider; their work can be viewed during regular Library hours. The artists will speak at an opening reception on Thursday, June 16th, from 5:30 – 7:30 PM. The public is invited to attend.
We are open for browsing! Visit Monday –  Friday, 10 AM – 6 PM, Saturday 10 AM – 4 PM, and closed on Sundays from July on. Drop-in during browsing hours to check out items from our circulating selection, see our latest exhibit in the Perkin Gallery, or view treasures from our Special Collections. 

Now on view: The Lure of the Garden: The Enduring Desire to Work and Shape the Land
Whether for pleasure or practicality, humanity’s relationship with the soil has sustained since we quite literally planted roots as a species over 6,000 years ago. The Lure of the Garden invites visitors to explore the enduring desire to shape and cultivate the land, from the propagation of the “three sisters” — corn, beans, and squash — by Native Americans, to garden clubs, war-era Victory Gardens, and community and pollinator gardens. With materials dating back to the 1500s, the Monroes and the Wakemans, founders of the library, sought to curate a collection that would be democratic — of use to all classes of society from the financier to the farmer. Pequot Library’s Special Collections reflect the changing tastes, styles, and purposes of gardens, as well as their enduring lure. (On view in the Pequot Library’s Perkin Gallery from June 23, 2022 – February 5, 2023).
For more programming, visit Upcoming Events – Pequot LibraryGet details on our website and social media: FacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube. Sign up for Pequot Library's Digital Digest eNewsletter or contact our Chief Librarian for personalized book recommendations.
If you’re a Fairfield homeowner dealing with a leaky roof or if you’re needing to make other repairs to your home, the Community & Economic Development Department may be able to help. Eligible homeowners can receive up to 60% of the total project cost, up to a maximum of $15,000 per qualified applicant, per year. Financial assistance is provided in the form of a special, no-interest loan that is repaid when the owner sells, refinances, or transfers the property. Eligible home improvements include exterior painting, siding, or roofing projects; installation of new or replacement storm windows and doors; lead-based paint or asbestos abatement projects; installation of replacement boilers or hot water heaters; heating, plumbing, or electrical improvements to address code deficiencies and modifications to accommodate persons with disabilities.

Applicants must be income-eligible and a current Town of Fairfield homeowner to participate in this program. Certain other restrictions do apply. For additional information, please contact Sonia Hine at the Office of Community & Economic Development via email at or by calling (203) 256-3120.
Struggling to make ends meet?
Reminder: Operation Hope’s Food Pantry is here to serve all Fairfield residents. We are open at 636 Old Post Road Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and Thursday from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Please let us help you with groceries and other basic necessities!
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