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1/29/2021 - 1.29 TOWN UPDATE
Dear Fairfielders,
On Monday night, as called on by our Town Charter, I delivered my second annual State of the Town address before the Representative Town Meeting (RTM). I shared my reflections and accomplishments over this past year, and my goals for Fairfield's future. My State of the Town address can be viewed here.
Yesterday, I attended the virtual Farfield Chamber of Commerce's 2021 Economic Outlook annual meeting with over 100 businesses, where I shared an economic update on the Town of Fairfield. I want to thank the Chamber for organizing this event and for all they do to support our local businesses. I really enjoyed listening to John Traynor, Chief Investment Officer, of People’s United Bank for his insightful presentation. While 2020 was a difficult year, I remain encouraged for Fairfield's future. To watch the webinar, please click here.
Drive-Through Testing Location: I am happy to announce that Fairfield will soon have a drive-through COVID-19 testing location thanks to a partnership with Yale New Haven Health. The location will be open for testing seven days a week at the Mill Plain Road Commuter Parking Lot, with an anticipated March 1st opening. I want to thank Health Director Sands Cleary and the Emergency Management Director Denis McCarthy for being proactive and securing this site, as well as our permitting departments and the Parking Authority for all working together to expedite this process. In the meantime, you can view other COVID testing locations by clicking the "Test Locations" button below.
Testing Locations


Vaccine Information: 
As of today, our Fairfield Health Department administered 4,800 vaccines to those eligible according to the Connecticut Department of Public Health guidelines and those who have previously registered through the federal VAMS system. Many residents have called my office to share their frustration with the VAMS system. Unfortunately because it is a federally run system, the Town is unable to address any issues with it.

However, I did meet with Congressman Himes on Wednesday when he came to tour our vaccine clinic. I shared with him our residents' frustration with the VAMS system and our Health Department's eagerness to receive a larger supply of the vaccine, so that we could vaccinate more people.

The Fairfield Health Department's vaccine clinic continues to fill up their appointments. They can only schedule as many appointments as vaccines are provided by the State. Please keep in mind Fairfield residents are able to book appointments at clinics throughout the State. 

If you are having difficulty scheduling your appointment through VAMS, here are some links that may be helpful: VAMS Navigation Instructions and How to Create your VAMS Account and Schedule Your First Appointment

In addition to the Fairfield Health Department clinic here are other vaccination locations nearby.
  • Yale New Haven Health - If your Doctor is affiliated with Yale New Haven Health you can create an appointment through MyChart
  • Hartford HealthCare - Hartford HealthCare is taking vaccination appointments for their location at St. Vincent's Hospital in Bridgeport. For more information, you can find it here
The Town cannot act on the CDC's vaccine guidance without authorization from the Connecticut Department of Public Health. Our Health Department staff at the vaccine clinic has reported to me that individuals that are not eligible under the State's guidelines are signing up under the VAMS system and showing up at the clinic, to only be turned away because it is a violation of the State's protocol.

The State of Connecticut's Department of Public Health has made it very clear that any violation of those guidelines can result in fines and our Health Department's ability to provide vaccines revoked. I have also received numerous reports that other towns are vaccinating individuals who are not eligible, under the State's guidelines, which is causing great confusion to the public. In light of these reports, I sent a letter to Governor Lamont and the Commissioner of the Department of Public Health requesting they send a reminder to all local health departments of the State's eligibility guidelines and consequences for violating them.

We will continue to post the latest information on the Town website, and the social media pages for the Health Department, the Town of Fairfield and my office. For a full listing of those social media pages, click here

Eligible residents for the COVID-19 vaccinations include all Phase 1a individuals and only those Phase 1b individuals who are 75 years of age and older. 

Phase 1a individuals include:
* Healthcare Personnel: all paid and unpaid persons serving in healthcare settings who have potential for direct or indirect exposure to patients or infectious materials.
* Long Term Care Facility Residents: adults who reside in facilities that provide a range of services, including medical and personal care, to persons who are unable to live independently.
* First Responders at risk of exposure to COVID-19 through their responses to medical emergencies such as Emergency Medical Technicians, Police, and Fire.

Phase 1b individuals:
The tiered approach to Phase 1b is as follows:

*Scheduling now: Individuals over the age of 75
*Scheduling next (likely early February): Individuals between the ages of 65 and 74
*Scheduling soon (likely late February or early March): Frontline essential workers and individuals with underlying medical conditions who have an increased risk for severe illness

If you fall under Phase 1a, you should register through your employer. For those in the Phase 1b category of 75 and older, you must complete the State form below:

State Form - 75 & Older
CT Vaccination Phases & Eligibility
Fairfield's COVID-19 Vaccine Call Center at 203-256-3082.  In order to help with the large volume of calls coming into my office and the Health Department, our Town has launched a Vaccine Call Center. With thanks to our new Director of the Bigelow Center for Senior Services, Brenda Steele, and many selfless volunteers, the phone line is targeted to provide support and guidance for eligible vaccine recipients. The call center will be open Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and voicemails will be returned when calls come in outside the operating hours. 
Town Data: The Town of Fairfield has had 3,680 cases to date, and 192 of Fairfield residents have sadly lost their lives. Charts and data on Fairfield cases, including daily & weekly changes, age, gender, nursing home statistics, testing results, different trends, and university statistics, can be found at The Health Department updates this page daily.

The Health Department also updates the COVID-19 School Data page, which details the school-related metrics and is updated each week as the State releases the data. The Fairfield Board of Education also has a dashboard on their homepage at
                                     FAIRFIELD TOWN GOVERNMENT
Fairfield Revaluation:
Now that the informal appeal process has ended, Municipal Valuations are mailing any property adjustments made to residents this week. The vision appraisal website will have the final values of all properties posted on Saturday.

Residents who still feel that their revaluation needs to be adjusted can apply for a formal appeal with the Board of Assessment Appeals (BAA). Applications to appeal can be accessed through the blue "Assessment Appeal Information" box below. Appeal applications must be received in the Assessor's Office no later than Friday, February 19th, post marks cannot be accepted. Everyone who files an appeal by February 19th will be granted a hearing with the BAA. Visit for more information. 

Check back for updates and information posted at
Assessment Appeals Information
Budget Process: Last night, the Board of Education (BOE) voted on the FY22 education budget, which is nearly $10 million over the current year’s budget, and represents a 5% increase. Last night, the BOE reduced $230,000 out of the $192 million total proposed education budget. I expressed real concern with the Superintendent and the BOE leadership when the Superintendent released his budget earlier this month. The total education budget including what the town spends on behalf of the schools, represents 65% of the Town’s total budget.  

Last year, in my budget presentation, I displayed data and charts that clearly showed that the increases year after year in the education budget were going to become unsustainable, with the projected declining student population, unless we started to seriously look at structural changes. I shared with the Superintendent and Board of Education members during last year's budget process, that we all need to take a hard look at making these changes. 

I listened in on the Board of Education meeting last night and was at first encouraged that board members were earnestly discussing such changes to operations and the budget. 
However, the meeting became less encouraging as the debate between members became disrespectful and unproductive. Regardless of the board or commission, level of government, or political party, all elected officials have a responsibility to act with decorum. Respectful dialogue and debate is critical to good decision making and our residents deserve better - in fact our town code demands it. If you would like to listen to last night's meeting, you can view it here

I have been diligently working on the town side of the budget, which requires tough decisions to ensure it's fiscally responsible. Making structural changes is never easy, but my goal is to make sure the budget is efficient, cost effective and prioritizes services that directly impact our residents, and makes long-neglected investments in our Town's infrastructure. 

I will be presenting my budget before the town boards for approval beginning in March. The budget process takes many months and can be contentious. I hope all stakeholders will work together to ensure that we are properly funding the needs for both our schools and our town without creating a large tax increase for our residents. 
Strategic Planning Committee: The Strategic Planning Committee was established in 2017 to provide recommendations on how to improve Fairfield for the better, through incorporating public interest into local government initiatives. I was so pleased to recently meet with the executive committee to review their final draft recommendations, which they will present before the Board of Selectman in the coming weeks. I hope residents will pay attention to this process and read the final report as I think many of their recommendations will be beneficial for our Town. I want to thank the members of the Strategic Planning Committee for the years of volunteering their time on behalf of our town. 

In conjunction with those recommendations, I will be starting the process of impaneling a charter revision commission to address the strategic plan, as well as other proposals I have identified over the last year. One example is a proposal to change our Town Seal, and can only be done through charter revision. In upcoming newsletters, I will provide more details on the timing and the process to establish the commission, and will be seeking volunteers to serve in accordance with the rules set out by the Town Charter.

To view the recommendations and final draft report, click below:
Strategic Plan Draft Reports
Police Department: Last Friday, I had the incredible honor of swearing in Robert Kalamaras as Fairfield's Chief of Police. Aside from his military background, roots in the community, and 21 years with the Fairfield Police Department, it is his integrity and professionalism that make him exceptionally suited for this new role.

Our community and the department are lucky to have Chief Kalamaras at the helm and I look forward to our continued worked together for the betterment of our Town. 

 I'm also proud to announce the swearing in and promotions of the following officers: 
- Keith Broderick to Captain
- Felix Esposito to Lieutenant
- Don Matejek to Sergeant
- Robbie Knapp, a new Police Officer
- Tiffany Robledo, a new Animal Control Officer

Please join me in congratulating these individuals on their promotions and new roles. View photos from their ceremony 
Harbor Management Plan: The Harbor Management Commission is seeking public input to help with its efforts to update the Harbor Management Plan. Adopted by the RTM and the State of Connecticut in 1995, the plan guides beneficial use of Southport Harbor and protection of its coastal resources. Please take a few minutes to answer the questions available at: 
Racial Equity & Justice Task Force (REJTF): There have been several articles in the newspapers recently about the REJTF I commissioned last year. I want to share some information about the task force. 

I appointed Selectwoman Nancy Lefkowitz as a co-chair with Fairfield resident Gina Ludlow. Together with the Town Attorney, they worked for several weeks writing the charge that would guide the task force. The Board of Selectman voted to approve the charge, which can be found online 
here, and voted to appoint the members to the task force, who I had the pleasure of speaking with prior to their appointments. My intent now is the same as it was when I commissioned this task force, to identify any racial and ethnic inequalities and injustices in the Town governance and operations. I am hopeful that the task force will fulfill their mission, their charge, and provide our community and the Board of Selectmen with a list of recommendations that will address these important issues.

I spoke with the members of the task force during the first portion of their most recent meeting to address some of the issues that came up over the last several weeks, and to make sure they know the Town is a resource for any questions that they may have. You can watch the meeting 
here. You can access prior task force meetings through this link. 
                                     STATE GOVERNMENT

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Bill HB 5429: On Wednesday, the Transportation Committee held a public hearing to discuss HB 4529, legislation cosponsored by Fairfield State Representatives Laura Devlin and Cristin McCarthy-Vahey. The bill addresses pedestrians' right of way in a crosswalk, allowing municipality to lower speed limits and giving local traffic authorities the ability to create pedestrian safety zones. To read the bill in it's entirety can be found here.

Stay up to date and in touch with your Fairfield legislators, find their contact information here. 
I hope you will take some time to review helpful information and resources below. 

I hope you have a safe weekend.

Brenda L. Kupchick
Fairfield First Selectwoman
Snow Shoveling for Seniors Program: The Town of Fairfield recognizes that some of our residents are physically unable to shovel their driveways and walkways. Fairfield Social Services is coordinating Snow Shoveling for Seniors, our program to match volunteer students willing to do shoveling, with eligible seniors. The program provides assistance to eligible Senior citizens (65+) and people with disabilities (18+) who are unable to afford snow removal. If you would like more information about the program, please call Fairfield Social Services at 203-256-3170. This program is dependent upon eligibility, the number of volunteers that sign up and their availability when needed. Assistance is not guaranteed.

Resident Snow Shoveling: Per Town ordinance, Fairfield property owners are responsible for removing snow and ice from the sidewalk along their property line within 24 hours after the storm and keeping the sidewalk clear of snow and ice. Heavily used sidewalks near schools and public buildings, and the commercial areas are particularly important.  Property owners may be fined and/or charged the cost of removal if the property owners do not comply. Please remember to shovel around fire hydrants. 

If you have snow removal concerns or would like to request a street be re-plowed, please enter a Citizen Service Request and select 'Snow Removal Issues' or call the Town Garage at 203-256-3177. For more information on Fairfield plowing and snow removal policies, click here

It is also state law in Connecticut to remove snow and ice from your vehicle before driving on roads. When you fail to remove snow and ice from your vehicle you are putting yourself and others at risk. Penalties can be as much as $120 fine. 
The 2020 Beach/ Transfer Station Sticker expired 12/31/20. Don't wait to buy your 2021 Sticker.  RENEW your sticker online for 2021. You can also renew by fax, mail or in person at Parks & Recreation.
Check out some of the programs and events coming up this Spring...HERE!
BEACH BUNNY 5K: A Virtual Event 
March 27, 20121-April 3, 2021. Registration opens 1/1/21, More information can be found
Governor Lamont’s recently signed Executive Order No. 9R allows towns to again offer deferment for property tax payments. This past spring the Town of Fairfield approved a tax deferment program (for taxes due April 1st and July 1st) that Governor Lamont authorized in response to the pandemic. The new Executive Order allows towns to offer deferment for taxes due January 1. The extension will be for a total of 90 days, (an additional 60 days beyond the normal grace period). The revised due date is April 1.  Anyone who fails to pay by the new April 1 deadline would have to pay three months of interest added along with his or her existing bill. Escrow accounts are still ineligible for deferment. For more information and eligibility for commercial landlords, visit
It’s Game ON To Help Bring Even More Love to our Small Businesses this February! 
Introducing our Love Local Bingo Contest for the month of February!  It’s easy to play: make BINGO on one of two game cards by visiting and making purchases at one of 47 participating Fairfield businesses during the month of February.  Once you have BINGO, take and upload a picture of your winning game card and fill out an entry form at  You will also need to upload an image of your dated stamped receipts via the link provided as proof of purchases in order to have a chance to win a $250 shopping spree and other great prizes.  For a complete list of contest rules and to download your game board, go to
Black Rock Church will resume its Hot Meal Drive-thru beginning Tuesday, January 12. Each Tuesday through March, between 5:00 - 5:30 PM, individuals and families can receive up to six hot meals for their families, along with a bag of groceries for the rest of the week. Reservations are not required, and the dinners and groceries are free. Black Rock Church is located at 3685 Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield. For more information please call the church at 203-255-3401.
Interested in giving back to our community?  Want to have a voice in shaping Fairfield?  The Town relies on the hard work of citizen volunteers who are appointed to provide guidance and governance on various Boards and Commissions.  The list of vacancies for Boards and Commissions are on the Town Website.  Be sure to check back often as the list is updated as positions become available.

You can also visit our Boards and Commissions page to learn more about roles and responsibilities:

To learn about the application process click here:

Get alerted about emergencies and other important community news from the Town of Fairfield, CT, by signing up for the Fairfield Alert system. This system enables us to quickly provide you with critical information in a variety of situations, such as severe weather, unexpected road closures, missing persons, evacuations of buildings or neighborhoods and other emergency situations.

You will receive time-sensitive messages wherever you specify, such as your home, mobile or business phones, email address, text messages and more. You pick where, you pick how!

If you were previously registered with us on the CodeRed system, you must sign-up again by following the instructions belowin order to continue receiving Emergency and Community alerts from the Town of Fairfield.

How to sign up? Click here.

When you're feeling overwhelmed, know that there are free options to help you talk through your crisis--and to send help when necessary. Fairfield Social Services is here to help. Call 203-256-3170 for more information.
Being a parent or caregiver during COVID can be extremely stressful.  It is perfectly normal to be experiencing varying emotions and feel overwhelmed. No matter what you're feeling, we're here to listen.  Parents and caregivers can call the toll-free Talk It Out line to discuss their feelings in a judgement-free environment. Call: 1-833-258-5011 or Visit: 
Resources for Mental Health:
If you or a loved one is struggling:
CT Information Hotline 211 or go to for mobile crisis support for individuals and/or children.
The Hub CT is Southwest Connecticut’s Regional Behavioral Health Action Organization. Check their website for useful resources for mental health, prevention and wellness.
Mental Health Crisis Text Line - Text “SHARE” to 741741
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  800-273-TALK (8255)
Kids in Crisis also has a 24-hour hotline for assistance 203-661-1911. 
NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Health):If you need to talk to someone, text NAMI to 741741 or call the NAMI Helpline at 1-800-950-NAMI (6264).
Alcoholics Anonymous - Please contact your site to see if meetings are continuing in your neighborhood. 

Bridgeport Hospital’s REACH Program is an intensive outpatient program (IOP) for children, adolescents, adults and seniors.  REACH is accessible to anyone, and covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most commercial insurance programs.  Please 
click this link to learn more about the extensive range of treatment options available

Help for Domestic Violence Victims
The Center for Family Justice has hotline numbers to those who are in crisis and need our free and confidential services 

The hotline numbers are:
Domestic Violence: 203-384-9559
Sexual Violence: 203-333-2233

Transportation services to medical appointments and shopping have been suspended. We will reassess in the New Year when it is safe to allow passengers on the buses. If you are unable to get to the market, the Mobile Food Pantry is available every other week and lunch delivery is available for those who are homebound. Please call Social Services for more information about the Mobile Food Pantry or Dial-a-Ride services through Greater Bridgeport Transit: 203-256-3170.
Our Snow Shoveling for Seniors program is not accepting registrations at this time for residents who need assistance. When we have volunteers for shoveling, we will let you know how to register. If you are a student and would like to volunteer to shovel snow for seniors and people with disabilities, please contact Social Services by calling 203-256-3170 or sending an email to

GoNetspeed has announced their intention to expand to Fairfield in the first half of 2021. This is welcome news for residents who have struggled with internet interruptions. You can read more information here


The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has now re-opened the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to all participating lenders. The SBA has revised the PPP website with updated forms, guidance and general information. If you plan on applying for a forgivable PPP loan, the Department of Economic and Community Development encourages you to review this new information and begin working with a lender as soon as possible.

5 Top Tips on PPP and its Re-Opening 
SBA has re-opened the Paycheck Protection Program loan portal to ?????? participating PPP lenders. The Paycheck Protection Program provides loans to help businesses keep their workforce employed during the COVID-19 crisis. As of January 19, the SBA is accepting applications from all participating lenders. Learn about who qualifies for First and Second Draw loans, what the terms are, and how to apply. 
  • Small Businesses can begin to submit applications - borrowers can apply for a First Draw PPP Loan until March 31, 2021. Lender Match can help businesses find a participating lender.
  • If a Small Business didn’t access a PPP loan prior to 12/27/2020, they may be eligible for a First Draw PPP loan. See First Draw PPP Loan Overview for more details. 
  • SBA will ensure increased access to capital. The Economic Aid to Hard-Hit Small Businesses, Non-Profits, and Venues Act (Economic Aid Act), includes set asides for new and smaller borrowers, for borrowers in low and moderate income communities and for community and smaller lenders (Guidance).
  • Second Draw PPP Loans are available. Second Draw PPP Loan Overview for more details. Translations available in Spanish and 16 other languages
  • FREE Business Resources. For a complete list see Connecticut’s SBA Resource Guide.
First Draw PPP Loan eligibility now includes additional types of entities and covered eligible expenses have been expanded. Additionally, organizations may qualify for a Second Draw PPP Loan if they can demonstrate at least a 25% reduction in gross receipts between comparable quarters in 2019 and 2020.  
Learn more about eligibility and covered expenses 

As a reminder, The Fairfield Chamber of Commerce office is open. You can reach them at 203.255.1011 or by emailing

What’s your story? What’s your reason?  
DO YOUR PART...Wear a mask!

Download the video here so you can upload it to social media to continue to remind our residents that part of our civic responsibility to each other is to wear a mask. 
The Connecticut Energy Assistance Program is for families in need of energy assistance, Fairfield Social Services coordinates with Alliance For Community Empowerment to help to obtain necessary energy services for Fairfield residents in need. To make an appointment to see if you’re eligible, or if you have questions, please call Social Services 203-256-3170.
The Town of Fairfield Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee has been working to encourage walking and biking for transportation, recreation, exercise and quality of life.

Working with multiple town departments we have established 
bicycle routesinstalled bicycle repair stationsworked to improve pedestrian infrastructure, and authored the Town of Fairfield Complete Streets Policy (approved by the Board of Selectman in 2018).

With more and more of our citizens using our roads, we would like to provide you with some important safety reminders for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. View the document here.
Sullivan Independence Hall and Old Town Hall are open to the public by appointment only for the safety of employees and residents. Please visit this summary page for an overview and follow links to specific departments for more information. 
Fairfield's Operations During COVID-19
Help is available to Fairfield small businesses that are struggling due to the pandemic.  The Fairfield COVID-19 Small Business Assistance Program was established to provide limited, one time direct financial assistance to eligible Fairfield small businesses that have no more than five full-time employees and that have been adversely affected by the public health emergency. Applications are still being accepted by the Office of Community & Economic Development. To learn more or to apply, please visit the website:
Eligibility & Application
The Fairfield COVID-19 Relief Fund was established to provide limited, one-time assistance to Fairfield residents who have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Use of the funds must be directly related to the effects of the virus. Donate to the fund or apply for relief by clicking below.
Donate or Apply to the Fairfield COVID-19 Relief Fund
Testing capacity has increased in our area. To view locations where to get tested, please visit

Contact Tracing 
One of the key tools we have to contain the spread of COVID-19 is Contact Tracing. For this initiative to be successful, the Health Department needs the cooperation of residents who test positive for COVID-19. Both Universities were trained and assisted by our Health Department to manage their own contact tracing for their respective campuses.

The primary purpose of contact tracing is to identify and notify direct contacts of confirmed cases as quickly as possible and to ensure those exposed are self-quarantining. The information provided in the interviews with confirmed cases helps reduce the potential spread of the virus in our community.

Any Fairfield resident who tests positive for COVID-19 and has not received a phone call from the Fairfield Health Department or the Connecticut COVID Tracing system within 24 hours of receiving their result is urged to contact the Fairfield Health Department at 203-256-3022. Calls received after hours or on weekends, will be returned by the next business day.
When to Isolate & Quarantine
The Stratfield Village Association (SVA) is a certified 501 c3 non-profit organization, which aims to preserve, protect and improve the character of the Stratfield Village neighborhood in Fairfield. On January 13th they announced the launch of a brick fundraising campaign to supplement funding to the Four Corners renovation project. Individuals and businesses will be able to purchase a brick with a customized engraving to be included in the new brick sidewalks that are part of the project. 

The engraved bricks will be made available for purchase during two, five-week periods – the first starting Friday, January 15, and the second starting Monday, April 19. There are a limited number of bricks available because of space constraints.
The SVA’s personalized sales page is at . Bricks can be purchased in two sizes – 4”x 8” for $100 with up to three lines of text, or 8”x 8” for $200 with up to 6 lines of text. Lastly, a corporate sponsor may purchase an 8”x 8” brick with 3 lines of text and include a company logo.
The SVA has raised $900,000 of its $1 million goal for the project to date.
Operation Hope wants to make sure residents of Fairfield are aware that the food pantry remains open and is ready to help by providing food and other basic needs to community residents, as they have for nearly 35 years. 

Hours of Operation: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10:00-12:00; Thursday from 4:00 -6:00. Visit
The Fairfield Public Main Library is open for quick browsing and checkout Monday-Saturday afternoons 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm and Tuesday and Thursday evenings 5:00pm – 7:00pm. Learn more about Library Express service.

Please visit for full details regarding Curbside Pickup at the Main Library and Woods Branch Library.   Fairfield Public Library continues to offer 24/7 access to their digital collection of books, music, magazines, movies and databases.  Visit the Library Event Calendar to find a wide and varied assortment of Virtual Programs.

Need a library card? Follow this link and get started today! Sign up for the library newsletter here

We are excited to announce that Punching the Air by Ibi Zoboi and Yusef Salaam is our One Book One Town pick for 2021. Please check library website for all the OBOT events.

Pequot Library offers curbside pickup and limited browsing hours from 3-6pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; and from 2-4pm on Saturdays. During browsing hours visit us to check out a book or view our display John James Audubon's Birds of America: A Return to Pequot Library, on view from February 4 - May 2.

Outside of browsing hours, enjoy digital programs like story times, author talks, book clubs, and more! Get details on our website and social media:  FacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube. Sign up for Pequot Library's Digital Digest eNewsletter or contact our Chief Librarian for personalized book recommendations.

Important COVID-19 Links:

Fairfield Health Department coronavirus website:

For the latest numbers of cases, deaths and those recovered click here

For additional data and graphs of activity click here

For guidance and updates on Connecticut’s coronavirus preparedness efforts, visit:

Contact Information:

For general questions you can call 211

Hartford HealthCare’s COVID-19 Clinical Command Center hotline, staffed by healthcare professionals, is now available to the community. To reach the 24-hour hotline, call 860.972.8100 or (toll-free) 833.621.0600.

YNHH has a call center number it’s 1-833-ASK YNHH that’s open from 7am - 7pm.
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