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11/6/2020 - 11.6 TOWN UPDATE
Good Afternoon Fairfielders,

Yesterday afternoon I participated in the weekly conference call with the State Department of Public Health and other towns that are listed in the red or orange category. During the call it was revealed that Fairfield will remain in the orange alert status. We are however seeing an increase in community transmission across the town and state. Our Town’s Health Department continues to work in overdrive with contact tracing and follow up phone calls regarding quarantine procedures with our residents. This work takes an enormous amount of time and the staff in our Health Department continue to work full days, nights and weekends. If you received a positive COVID-19 test result and have not heard from the Health Department, please call 203-256-3022 24/7. 

As your First Selectwoman, I continue to work with our local and state partners, school district, our Town's two universities, residents and businesses to strike the right balance of measures to contain the virus and keep our community safe.

You likely heard in the news the Governor announced he is rolling the entire state back to phase 2.1, which went into effect today. The changes include limiting private gatherings to 10 people, reduced attendance at religious services, sporting events, event venues and businesses, including restaurants. To read more about what this means for you, please visit the state's latest guidance

You can watch the Governor's press conference from yesterday with the Q&A from the press
 here and DECD Commissioner Lehman sent out the Business Sector guidance you can read here
COVID-19 Data
Charts and data on Fairfield cases including age, gender, nursing home statistics, testing results, different trends and university statistics can be found at When looking at the data page, please be sure to read the notes around each chart as they offer explanations of some of the changes in the data.  The Health Department updates this page daily.

The Health Department also updates the COVID-19 School Data page, which details the school related metrics and is updated each week as the State releases the data. The Fairfield Board of Education also has a dashboard on their homepage at

I have reached out to the Superintendent and Board of Education Chairwoman to set up a meeting with the Town's Emergency Planning Team to further discuss their plans for our schools. 

Our Health Department notified me this morning that our two universities are experiencing an uptick in cases and are taking measures to contain the spread and provide more testing. Our Health Department participated in another call with the State Department of Public Health and the Universities today to discuss these measures. 

Both universities have dashboards with their daily testing information, which can be found here:

Fairfield University's Dashboard 
Sacred Heart University's Dashboard 

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, make sure you get tested and stay at home. If you are waiting for the results from a COVID-19 test, please stay home and wait for your results.

I urge our residents to continue to wear masks, wash your hands frequently and maintain a social distance from others. 

The Town placed signs around the community and in windows of local business as part of our PSA campaign with the video we recently launched, to help remind residents that we are all in this together, and we all need to do our part.

Flu Shots
The Health Department still has flu shots available, please call the Public Health Nursing Office at 203-256-3150 to schedule an appointment or find out more information about an upcoming flu clinic. It is recommended that everyone over the age of 6 months receive a flu vaccine every year and is especially important this year.
Over the past year, I have heard repeatedly from our residents that our town operations need to be modernized and improved, which has become a central focus of my vision for Fairfield. I spoke about modernizing and improving our town government and services during my inauguration speech and in my January State of the Town address. After having spent nearly a year managing our town government, I had the opportunity to see firsthand the reason our residents email and call asking for changes. 

Many of the initiatives I wanted to deliver for our residents had to be put on hold because of the pandemic. However my vision for the town remains the same, to provide our residents and businesses with an efficient and responsive government that meets their needs. 

My administration has developed a voluntary early retirement incentive program (VERIP) for Town employees, which is a critical piece to reorganizing our town government. 

VERIP will enable us to:
  • Reorganize departments to create efficiencies and eliminate waste
  • Modernize town government
  • Improve services to residents
  • Make government smaller, more efficient and smarter through technological advancements and managerial improvements
  • Change the culture within government to improve our resident’s customer service experience 
This type of program is commonly utilized in towns and cities with union contracts as a way to open up positions, and allow for reorganization. After researching and considering all options, VERIP is the only path that will allow me to efficiently achieve meaningful change to the way town services are delivered. Click to view my presentation on the plan.

According to the Town Charter, VERIP only requires approval from the Representative Town Meeting (RTM), our Town's legislative body. The RTM will further review and vote on my proposal next week. If you don’t know who your local RTM member is, you can find out here

Our Town cannot move into the future if we continue to do things the way we always have. In the many years I have been involved in our Town’s local government, little has changed. I understand why - change can be uncomfortable and extremely difficult. While there are costs associated with reorganization, I have pledged to our local elected officials and I pledge to you, our residents, that I will budget accordingly. Some may disagree, but I am confident that the short and long-term benefits of reorganizing far outweigh the associated costs.

I will continue to communicate directly to you, our tax payers and residents, every week, with the work I’m doing, the state of our town, and the initiatives I am working on your behalf. As always, I will continue to listen and learn and lead on issues that our community values. 

As always, I welcome your feedback. 
After several months of negotiations between the Town and the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), as well as coordination by the Town’s advisors and DEEP staff, the Town has a final signed Consent Order agreement that provides the necessary legal and regulatory framework for the Town to finish the final investigation and remediation of offsite properties that have been impacted by the placement of polluted fill materials. The Consent Order is essential in laying the groundwork to bring a final resolution to the cleanup of the impacted properties around the Town.

The Town’s Licensed Environmental Professional and remediation contractor will begin working on the remediation of the select sites as soon as next week. The first two sites that are scheduled to be remediated are sidewalk areas at Southport Beach and Sunset Avenue. It is anticipated that these two sites will be completed within a week, and the Town will continue to move forward with the remediation of the additional sites soon after. It’s important to note that two of the sites that need remediation are Osborne Hill Elementary School and Mill Hill Elementary School, and remediation plans at these sites require coordination with the school district to ensure the safety of students and staff. The Town continues to maintain the website where all of the investigation and remediation 
reports and data are available for the public to review. A copy of the Consent Order is also available there.
I think we can all agree the pandemic is taking a toll on all of us. Many residents are feeling anxious, fearful of the future and concerned about the possibility of loss of income and/or the safety of their families. It is a stressful time for all of us. If you are feeling this way, it's important to know that you are not alone. Stress can manifest in many ways and there are resources to help. Fairfield Social Services can connect you with many organizations that can help you get through this difficult time. Please see more information below. 
Please note that Monday, November 9 is the first day of leaf pickup. More dates and information are listed below. 

We're all in this together, stay safe. 

Brenda L. Kupchick
Fairfield First Selectwoman

Since 1925, The Child & Family Guidance Center (CFGC) has provided culturally-responsive mental health treatment and complementary support services to children and families— regardless of ability to pay. 

CFGC serves about 3,500 Fairfield County children (infants to age 18) and families each year, meeting both emergency needs and providing tools for long-term emotional and psychological health.  

With more than 50% of CFGC’s clinical staff being bilingual/bicultural, this nonprofit is equipped to meet the needs of our diverse community. 

CFGC’s essential work has continued throughout the pandemic and has been meeting growing needs of children impacted by this time of uncertainty and social disconnection.  

Rooster River Online Public Workshop 
Emergency Alerts | When it Matters Most 

Get alerted about emergencies and other important community news from the Town of Fairfield, CT, by signing up for the Fairfield Alert system. This system enables us to quickly provide you with critical information in a variety of situations, such as severe weather, unexpected road closures, missing persons, evacuations of buildings or neighborhoods and other emergency situations.

You will receive time-sensitive messages wherever you specify, such as your home, mobile or business phones, email address, text messages and more. You pick where, you pick how!

If you were previously register with us on the CodeRed system, you must sign-up again by following the instructions below, in order to continue receiving Emergency and Community alerts from the Town of Fairfield.

How to sign up? Click here.

Fairfield Social Services kicks off its Holiday Giving Program 
Fairfield Social Services is committed to continuing our Holiday program, as we know so many families are struggling financially. Many of our clients lost jobs or lost income through reduction in hours, and are struggling in other ways due to COVID.  Our social workers and staff work hard to make sure no child, senior or family feels forgotten or invisible during the holidays. The Town of Fairfield, our residents, neighbors, town employees, businesses, clubs, schools and individuals have always been incredibly generous to our Holiday Program over the years and have made a real difference in the lives of the families and seniors we serve. We’re hoping we can count on your support again this year.

Rather than collecting wrapped gifts and toys, this year we are requesting gift cards for local supermarkets, toy stores - anywhere families may shop for their loved ones for the holidays. The ability to select and purchase gifts for their families provides our clients another level of independence in an otherwise difficult time. During this special, yet stressful time of year, our goal is to support parents with gift cards or gift certificates for experiences such as vacation camps, after school programs, art classes, or other activities that may be beyond the reach of struggling families to allow children to participate in extra-curricular enrichment opportunities.

On behalf of the families that receive the support from the Holiday Giving Program, the Town of Fairfield and Department of Human and Social Services would like to thank the community for keeping all our residents in mind for the upcoming holiday season.  If you are interested in donating or receiving holiday help, please contact Fairfield Social Services by calling 203-256-3170 or by email at  Donations are gratefully accepted during business hours 9 AM to 4:30 PM at the Bigelow Center for Senior Activities, 100 Mona Terrace, Fairfield, CT 06824.
When you're feeling overwhelmed, know that there are free options to help you talk through your crisis--and to send help when necessary. Fairfield Social Services is here to help. Call 203-256-3170 for more information.
Being a parent or caregiver during COVID can be extremely stressful.  It is perfectly normal to be experiencing varying emotions and feel overwhelmed.  No matter what you're feeling, we're here to listen.  Parents and caregivers can call the toll-free Talk It Out line to discuss their feelings in a judgement-free environment. Call: 1-833-258-5011 or Visit: 

Resources for Mental Health:
If you or a loved one is struggling:
- CT Information Hotline 211 or go to for mobile crisis support for individuals and/or children.
- The Hub CT is Southwest Connecticut’s Regional Behavioral Health Action Organization.  Check their website for useful resources for mental health, prevention and wellness.
- Mental Health Crisis Text Line - Text “SHARE” to 741741
- National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  800-273-TALK (8255)
- Kids in Crisis also has a 24-hour hotline for assistance 203-661-1911. 
- NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Health):If you need to talk to      someone, text NAMI to 741741 or call the NAMI Helpline at 1-800-950-NAMI (6264).
- Alcoholics Anonymous - Please contact your site to see if meetings are continuing in your neighborhood. 
The Town of Fairfield and the Chamber of Commerce launched a new buy local initiative with the Fairfield Community e-Gift Card program, which is exclusive to Fairfield businesses only. Read the 
Fairfield Citizen article on the program here. 

What’s your story? What’s your reason?  
DO YOUR PART...Wear a mask!

Download the video here so you can upload it to social media, or share it from the links below, to continue to remind our residents that part of our civic responsibility to each other is to wear a mask. 

The Connecticut General Statutes requires each town to do a revaluation every five years. The Town of Fairfield is in the process of a real property revaluation as required for the Grand List of October 1, 2020. This revaluation will correspond to the tax bills that will be due beginning in July 2021. For more informationclick here

Current property information can be found here:

To listen to the presentation from Assessor Ross Murray and Mike Fazio at the Board of Selectman meeting, click here.

If you need help with your heating bill, Fairfield Social Services can help families with the process. It's important to apply now because the utility moratorium on power/heat shut-offs ends October 1, 2020.W

Fairfield Social Services is now making appointments to assist Fairfield residents with applications for the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program. Energy assistance pays for a household's primary heating source such as oil, natural gas, electricity, propane, kerosene, coal, wood and wood pellets on behalf of eligible households. The amount of heat assistance may not be sufficient to cover a household's entire winter heating cost. Homeowners and renters may apply. 

Due to risks associated with Covid-19, there will be no in-person appointments for Energy Assistance. Please call the Social Services office to set up your telephone appointment: 203-256-3170. Don't wait, do it now.
As of October 1st, Dogs are permitted on Town of Fairfield Beaches, however, they are prohibited from Boardwalks, Pavilions and playgrounds. Persons responsible for dogs must clean up after their animals while they are on the beach, in open spaces or in the parking areas. Dogs are not permitted in any Town of Fairfield parks or playground areas.

The CDC Guidelines have not changed regarding dogs being leashed at all times and under the control of their owner. I know our town has allowed dogs to be unleashed at Jennings Beach and at Lake Mohegan, however it would not be responsible for the Town of Fairfield to ignore the CDC guidelines during this pandemic. I hope our Town's dog owners understand that we must follow these guidelines while visiting any Fairfield Parks, Beaches & Open Spaces.

According to the CDC, we should "treat pets as you would other human family members to protect them from a possible infection." The "CDC recommends that pet owners limit their pet’s interaction with people outside their household."

In addition, the CDC states that you should "walk dogs on a leash at least 6 feet (2 meters) away from others" and "avoid public places where a large number of people gather."

We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

For the complete text of the Town Ordinance pertaining to dogs on beaches, open space areas, and marinas, go to:
The Town of Fairfield Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee has been working to encourage walking and biking for transportation, recreation, exercise and quality of life.

Working with multiple town departments we have established 
bicycle routesinstalled bicycle repair stationsworked to improve pedestrian infrastructure, and authored the Town of Fairfield Complete Streets Policy (approved by the Board of Selectman in 2018).

With more and more of our citizens using our roads, we would like to provide you with some important safety reminders for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. View the document here.
Sullivan Independence Hall and Old Town Hall are open to the public by appointment only for the safety of employees and residents. Please visit this summary page for an overview and follow links to specific departments for more information. 
Fairfield's Operations During COVID-19
Help is available to Fairfield small businesses that are struggling due to the pandemic.  The Fairfield COVID-19 Small Business Assistance Program was established to provide limited, one time direct financial assistance to eligible Fairfield small businesses that have no more than five full-time employees and that have been adversely affected by the public health emergency. Applications are still being accepted by the Office of Community & Economic Development. To learn more or to apply, please visit the website:
Eligibility & Application
The Fairfield COVID-19 Relief Fund was established to provide limited, one-time assistance to Fairfield residents who have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Use of the funds must be directly related to the effects of the virus. Donate to the fund or apply for relief by clicking below.
Donate or Apply to the Fairfield COVID-19 Relief Fund
If you become unemployed due to coronavirus (COVID-19), you should file for unemployment benefits. Click here for more information. For frequently asked questions about coronavirus (COVID-19) for workers and employers click here.
Governor Lamont announced a comprehensive plan to put more than $33 million in state and federal resources to work providing emergency assistance to renters, homeowners, and residential landlords impacted by the COVID-19 public health emergency. 

Rental assistance information can be found here. Further information is below:
Social Services continues to assist by telephone town residents who are experiencing difficulty providing the basic needs for themselves and their families, especially during these unprecedented times. Please call with any questions or concerns: 203-256-3170 or visit at
Transportation services are running on a limited basis for medical appointments and grocery shopping. Reservations for rides are first-come, first-served for shopping and medical appointments and must be made no less than one week in advance. Please call the senior center for more information: 203-256-3166.
The buses may only transport four riders per trip. For those who do not live in Senior and Disabled Housing, Fairfield Senior Transportation will provide rides Tuesdays or Thursdays each week. Masks must be worn to board the buses. Rides are now available to medical appointments for Fairfield’s seniors and people with disabilities on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between the hours of 9:30 – 3:00 PM. 
If you or anyone you know are homebound and unable to shop, the Mobile Food Pantry is available every other week and lunches are available for those who are homebound. Please call Social Services for more information: 203-256-3170.
Testing capacity has increased in our area. To view locations where to get tested, please visit

Contact Tracing 
One of the key tools we have to contain the spread of COVID-19 is Contact Tracing. For this initiative to be successful, the Health Department needs the cooperation of residents who test positive for COVID-19. Both Universities were trained and assisted by our Health Department to manage their own contact tracing for their respective campuses.

The primary purpose of contact tracing is to identify and notify direct contacts of confirmed cases as quickly as possible and to ensure those exposed are self-quarantining. The information provided in the interviews with confirmed cases helps reduce the potential spread of the virus in our community.

Any Fairfield resident who tests positive for COVID-19 and has not received a phone call from the Fairfield Health Department or the Connecticut COVID Tracing system within 24 hours of receiving their result is urged to contact the Fairfield Health Department at 203-256-3022.
Operation Hope wants to make sure residents of Fairfield are aware that the food pantry remains open and is ready to help by providing food and other basic needs to community residents, as they have for nearly 35 years. 

Hours of Operation: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10:00-12:00; Thursday from 4:00 -6:00. Visit
The Fairfield Public Main Library is open for quick browsing and checkout Monday-Saturday afternoons 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm and Tuesday and Thursday evenings 5:00pm – 7:00pm. Learn more about Library Express service.

Please visit for full details regarding Curbside Pickup at the Main Library and Woods Branch Library.   Fairfield Public Library continues to offer 24/7 access to their digital collection of books, music, magazines, movies and databases.  Visit the Library Event Calendar to find a wide and varied assortment of Virtual Programs.

Need a library card? Follow this link and get started today!

Sign up for the library newsletter
Pequot Library's doors may be temporarily closed, but our librarians and staff are still here for you! Enjoy digital programs like story times, author talks, book clubs, and more! Get details on our website and social media:  
FacebookInstagramTwitterand YouTubeSign up for Pequot Library's Digital Digest eNewsletter or contact our Chief Librarian for personalized book recommendations. 

On Monday, June 22, Pequot will be curbside pickup. Please contact us for more information.

Important COVID-19 Links:

Fairfield Health Department coronavirus website:

For the latest numbers of cases, deaths and those recovered click here

For additional data and graphs of activity click here

For guidance and updates on Connecticut’s coronavirus preparedness efforts, visit:

Contact Information:

For general questions you can call 211

Hartford HealthCare’s COVID-19 Clinical Command Center hotline, staffed by healthcare professionals, is now available to the community. To reach the 24-hour hotline, call 860.972.8100 or (toll-free) 833.621.0600.

YNHH has a call center number it’s 1-833-ASK YNHH that’s open from 7am - 7pm.


Contact Us

Old Town Hall (Directions)
611 Old Post Road
Fairfield, CT 06824

Sullivan Independence Hall
725 Old Post Road
Fairfield, CT 06824

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