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4/10/2020 - 4.10 COVID-19 UPDATE
Good Morning Fairfielders,

The latest data shows Connecticut now has 9,784 positive cases, 380 deaths, and 1,464 hospitalizations. The Town of Fairfield now has 144 residents who have tested positive for COVID and seven residents who have passed away. Of the 144 residents, 34 have reported that they have fully recovered.

Based on what we know now, over the next one to two weeks we expect to reach the peak of the pandemic here in Fairfield County and Connecticut. I can't stress enough how vitally important it is that ALL of our residents do their part to protect our community and stay home.

I want to sincerely thank those of you who are taking your civic responsibility seriously in keeping yourselves and your children safe and at home. I know it's difficult and frustrating to see others not doing the same. Our first responders, nurses and doctors who don't have the option of staying home are counting on us all. I want to thank all of them for their work on the front lines caring for those who are sick. 

The CDC guidelines are very clear. To stop the spread of the virus, people should only interact with members of their immediate households, and maintain strict social distancing while getting groceries, medical supplies or any other essential items. Further, the CDC recommends that residents wear cloth coverings over your face when out in public. No one should be hosting barbecues, birthday parties, or any events that involve interacting with residents outside their household.

To prevent any gatherings, all of the town's public spaces, parks, beaches, schools, and open spaces remain closed and the police are now using enforcement measures.

I know this is a very challenging time for everyone in our community, but we simply won’t be able to stop the spread of this highly contagious virus unless we each do our part.

We need to hold the line for a few more weeks to get through the peak, and hopefully, if we all do our part, we can begin the process of coming out of this pandemic and begin to resume our normal activities.

I wish each of our residents who celebrate a Happy Passover and Easter. I recognize it is very different to observe and celebrate these holidays this year without the closeness of family and friends, but we can still use technology to help us carry on our traditions.

Please, stay home, stay safe, and let's continue to flatten the curve. We can get through this together if we stay apart. 


Brenda L. Kupchick
First Selectwoman
The Fairfield COVID-19 Relief Fund was established to provide limited, one-time assistance to Fairfield residents who have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Use of the funds must be directly related to the effects of the virus.  Donate to the fund or apply for relief by visiting 
Donate: Fairfield COVID-19 Relief Fund
Did you know the Fairfield Library has digital resources, instant cards and can answer questions remotely? They also have virtual programs. Follow them on
 Facebook or visit their website!

Sign up for the library newsletter here
The state has provided a FAQ which is a resource to help answer many of your questions about unemployment, mortgage relief and more. Please read it here. The Governor provided information on mortgage payment relief with over 50 credit unions and banks to help residents and businesses impacted by COVID-19. Participating financial institutions are now offering mortgage-payment forbearances of up to 90 days. 
For more information on state and federal support for businesses, click here. There is a Small Business Owner’s Guide to the Federal CARES Act here

Paycheck Protection Program: Starting today, small businesses and sole proprietors can apply for financial assistance through their banks and credit unions. Businesses and sole proprietorships should contact their banks directly. You can apply starting today through any participating financial institutionThe U.S. Small Business Administration has more information about the loans, a list of participating lenders, an application form and more.

You can always find information about federal and state programs on the state’s coronavirus website.

If you become unemployed due to coronavirus (COVID-19), you should file for unemployment benefits. Click here for more information. For frequently asked questions about coronavirus (COVID-19) for workers and employers click here.
In an Emergency, please Dial 911. Our Police and Fire Departments remain fully staffed, ready and able to respond to any emergency.

For non-emergency complaints or requests for service, please utilize the phone numbers below:
Police: (203) 254-4800
Fire: (203) 254-4700
At this time testing priority is given to those who are at high risk. For more information on testing sites and protocols, please click on the image or visit:
We are in continued communication with grocery store managers in town and have spoken with state officials. The Governor put out another executive order which requires all retail establishments that have been allowed to remain open to ensure six feet of distance between customers and employ touchless payment technology wherever available. It also suspends the tax on single-use checkout plastic bags and prohibits employers from requiring employees to place items in customers' reusable bags.  Refer to our website for more information. 

Fairfield is lucky to have countless restaurants that have altered their businesses to provide take out, delivery and curbside pick up.

Click on the image to the right view the full listing.  

Each department will have new guidelines as to how you can reach them on various services. Please visit this summary page for an overview and follow links to specific departments for more information. 
Fairfield's Operations During COVID-19
Please DO NOT flush rubber gloves, disinfectant wipes (or any type of wipes), paper towels, facial tissue or any materials other than toilet paper down your toilet as they are NOT designed to break down in the wastewater treatment process. 
The Center for Family Justice closed its main Bridgeport offices in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Staff is now working remotely to serve clients in crisis. Domestic violence programs throughout the state are concerned victims may lack the ability to safely reach out for help as they are forced to stay in close quarters with an abuser. 

The hotline numbers are:
Domestic Violence: 203-384-9559
Sexual Violence: 203-333-2233
Spanish Hotline: 888-568-8332

Sign up for CODE RED ALERTS   

Important COVID-19 Links:

Fairfield Health Department coronavirus website:

Bridge Loans for Business from State of CT: click here

For the latest numbers of cases, deaths and those recovered click here

For additional data and graphs of activity click here

For guidance and updates on Connecticut’s coronavirus preparedness efforts, visit:

Contact Information:

For general questions you can call 211

Hartford HealthCare’s COVID-19 Clinical Command Center hotline, staffed by healthcare professionals, is now available to the community. To reach the 24-hour hotline, call 860.972.8100 or (toll-free) 833.621.0600.

YNHH has a call center number it’s 1-833-ASK YNHH that’s open from 7am - 7pm.

For additional information and prevention tips, refer to the Health Department website at: or the Fairfield homepage under news at


Contact Us

Old Town Hall (Directions)
611 Old Post Road
Fairfield, CT 06824

Sullivan Independence Hall
725 Old Post Road
Fairfield, CT 06824

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