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10/18/2019 - Channel Dredging and Jennings Beach Reclamation Project to Begin Wednesday, October 23

The Town is pleased to announce the South Benson Marina Channel Dredging and Jennings Beach Reclamation Project will begin on Wednesday, October 23, 2019. Mobile Dredge and Video Pipe, Inc. of Chester, PA was awarded the dredging project on September 26, 2019. Core samples taken by RACE Coastal Engineering tested core samples throughout the proposed dredging zone and submitted the results to CT DEEP and US Army Corp of Engineers. Test results showed the material to be suitable for beach reclamation along Jennings Beach. CT DEEP and US Army Corp of Engineers issued Certificate of Permits to conduct this project with a limited window between October 1 and January 31.

Starting on Wednesday October 23, 2019 Mobile Dredge and Video Pipe will begin mobilizing equipment and materials in the parking lot adjacent to the Skate Park and on the beach between the Henry C. Moore Pier and the J1 and J2 entrances from the parking lot to Jennings Beach (See Map). During this time, the beach in that area will be closed off to the public as it will be an active construction zone. As the dredging project continues the material will be placed on the beach starting near the pier and working past Jennings Beach Pavilion. As the beach reclamation project moves along the beach sections of the beach will be closed to ensure public safety. Please adhere to all posted signage and barriers.

For Beach and Marina Visitors

Access to the Marina, Henry C. Moore Pier, and Jennings Beach will be limited with some sections closed to the public. (see map)

  • Mobilization: October 23, 2019 –November 1, 2019. Beach access restrictions: Closed between the Sail Loft and Henry C Moore Pier and from the Rack and Catamaran Storage to the waters’ edge for a distance of 600 ft.
  • Phase 1: November 1, 2019 – January 31, 2020 Beach access restrictions: Closed from J3 to Henry C. Moore Pier. Walk overs J1 and J2 closed. Henry C. Moore pier closed. Access to Sail Loft, Jennings Beach Rack and Catamaran storage closed. Access to USCG Auxiliary building restricted.
  • Phase 2: November 15, 2019 – January 31, 2020. Beach access restrictions: Closed from J5 to Henry C. Moore Pier.
  • Phase 3: December 1, 2019 – January 31, 2019. Beach access restrictions: Closed from J7 to Henry C. Moore Pier.

For Mariners

During the dredging operations, the South Benson Marina Channel may be limited between November 4, 2019 and November 17, 2019. The channel will be closed from November 18, 2019 through the end of the project estimated January 2020. For additional information please see the Local Notice to Mariners - Week 42/19 pg 12-13. The dredge barge and work vessel will monitor Channel 6, 13, and 16. Mariners are requested to proceed with caution after passing arrangements have been made.

For Jennings Beach Rack, Catamaran, and One-Design Storage

Access to the Sail Loft, Rack Storage, Catamaran Storage, and One-Design Storage at Jennings Beach will be extremely limited during the mobilization phase. Access will be available from Jennings Beach access J1 until November 1, 2019. There will be no access between November 1, 2019 and January 31, 2020.

For more information please contact Justin Cathcart, Marina Coordinator at 203-256-3010 or