Town Officers

A Town Officer, as defined by the Town Charter, is any individual elected or appointed to a Town office other than as a member of an authority, board or commission.

Here is a list of elected and appointed Town Officers designated in the Town Charter, by Town ordinance or by State statute.

Position Name Appointing Body Term
Animal Control Officer Paul Miller Police Commission*  
Assessor Ross Murray Board of Selectmen  
Building Official Patrick Mahoney  First Selectman 4 years
Citation Hearing Officer Lukas J. Thomas First Selectman   
Conservation Director Tim Bishop Conservation Commission*  
Constables (7) [see Constables] [ELECTED] 2 years
Controller Caitlin Bosse First Selectman  
Fire Chief Denis McCarthy Fire Commission*  
Interim Fiscal Officer  David M. Becker First Selectman  
Director of Health Sands Cleary Board of Health* 4 years
Director of Human and Social Services Julie DeMarco First Selectman  
Director of Human Resources Cathleen Simpson First Selectman  
Internal Auditors (1 or more) Connie Saxl Board of Selectmen  
Parking Violation Hearing Officer Lukas J. Thomas First Selectman   
Director of Parks and Recreation Anthony Calabrese First Selectman  
Planning Director James Wendt

Town Plan and Zoning Commission*  
Chief of Police Robert Kalamaras Police Commission*  
Director of Public Works John Marsilio (Interim) First Selectman  
Purchasing Agent Adam Tulin First Selectman  
Registrar of Voters - Democrat Matthew Waggner [ELECTED] 4 years
Registrar of Voters - Republican Cathy Politi  [ELECTED] 4 years
Tax Collector David Kluczwski Board of Selectmen  
Town Attorney Philip Pires First Selectman  
Town Clerk Betsy P. Browne, MMC, MCTC [ELECTED] 4 years
Town Librarian Scott Jarzombek Board of Library Trustees*  
Town Treasurer David Kanter First Selectman  
Tree Warden Jeffrey Minder Board of Selectmen 1 year

* With the approval of the First Selectman