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2/8/2016 - UI Tree Trimming and Removal Pilot Program Complete-Door-to-Door Visits Starting This Month to Obtain Property Owner's Consent for 2016 Work

First Selectman Mike Tetreau announced today that United Illuminating (UI) has completed its pilot program in Fairfield to trim or remove trees. The main goal and objective of the pilot program was to achieve more electrical reliability during severe weather events by removing hazardous trees and overhanging tree limbs. The pilot program was created to help the public better understand how this program will be implemented in Fairfield and how it will affect the town.

In addition, UI will continue its Enhanced Tree Trimming program throughout the Town over the next five years. The next phase of the program will continue in the Mill Plain and the Greenfield Hill sections of Fairfield in 2016. The maps highlighted in red were completed during this year’s pilot program and the areas highlighted in yellow will be scheduled for work and completed in 2016.

Lewis Tree Service, Inc. work planners will be going door-to-door to obtain property owner's consent on work for the upcoming year. These planners will have identification and brochures with them. The door-to-door visits will start in February and work will begin in early July.

The pilot program was part of the state-mandated Enhanced Tree Trimming program.  Fairfield Tree Warden Jeffrey Minder, the Fairfield Forestry Committee, and UI certified arborists have carefully evaluated this program throughout the last year.

Work was completed in sections of Greenfield Hill and Mill Plain. The program in the Greenfield Hill area was concentrated on Congress Street just east of Burr Street to Hillside Road, and on Burr Street from the corner of Congress Street going north to Aran Hill Road. In the Mill Plain area, the pilot program was completed on Unquowa Road from the train station parking lot to Mill Hollow Park and on Mill Plain Road from I-95 to Glover Street.

Throughout the pilot program, 370 trees were removed on private property and 250 trees were removed within the public right of way. In addition, 345 trees were pruned on private property and 230 trees were pruned within the public right of way.

For more information about the Enhanced Tree Trimming program and the Utility Protection Zone please visit http://www.uinet.com/trees.