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1/22/2016 - Town of Fairfield Prepares for Storm Jonas

First Selectman Mike Tetreau announced today that the Town is preparing for Storm Jonas. Fairfield’s Emergency Management Team has met to discuss the needs of the Town and the Team anticipates that the Storm will affect our community. Discussions included preparations for the Storm, as well as identifying the emergency response from our Public Safety and Town responders.

Fairfield’s Emergency Management Team asks the public to keep vehicles off the roads to keep you safe and to also allow for Public Works crews to clear streets and emergency vehicles and utility crews to gain access to their destinations more easily.

Some power outages are anticipated due to the impending winds associated with this storm. Residents who find themselves without power can contact the United Illuminating Company at 1-800-722-5584 or you can visit UI’s website at www.uinet.com.

There are two high tides that can affect beach area residents. The first is at 10:28 am on Saturday, January 23, 2016 and the second is at 10:57 pm on Saturday night. There are indications that the second high tide could be worse and have a greater impact than the first high tide. Beach area residents are urged to move their vehicles to higher ground and secure loose outdoor items. There is parking available at Veterans Park on Reef Road, as well as at the commuter lot on Mill Plain Rd, across from the Parks and Recreation Department, 75 Mill Plain Road. Please do not park vehicles at the railroad stations as it will impede snowplowing efforts.

Should you lose heat or power, please use alternative heating and generators safely. If you do lose power, consider staying with family and friends or at a hotel, follow manufacturers’ instructions for all heating and power equipment, keep portable heaters three feet from combustible materials, never leave space heaters unattended, keep furnace and dryer exhausts clear of snow, never use a portable generator inside an occupied space or near air intakes, and check that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working. Also, keep a first aid kit on hand as well as food, water and necessary medications.

Fairfield’s Emergency Management Team reminds property owners, both residential and business, to remove snow and ice from sidewalks along their property line within 24 hours after the storm and to keep sidewalks clear of snow and ice. Your help and cooperation is needed to ensure that no one is injured either walking on sidewalks that have not been cleared or in the road because sidewalks are impassable. Heavily used sidewalks near schools and public buildings, and in commercial areas are particularly important.

Per Town ordinance, property owners who do not clear their sidewalks may be ticketed by police and invoiced by the Town if the Town clears the sidewalk on the property owner’s behalf. The Town will be enforcing this ordinance.  Please note that the property owner, not the Town, is liable if sidewalks are not cleared and someone is hurt.  Remember to shovel around fire hydrants and please do not overexert yourself when shoveling.

Please monitor local media in case storm conditions should change dramatically. For storm information and updates call 203-254-4899 or check online at www.fairfieldct.org/storm.

The Emergency Management Team would like to strongly encourage residents and businesses to sign up for CodeRED Alerts on the Town’s website at www.fairfieldct.org/codered.

The Emergency Management Team is working diligently to ensure a smooth transition during and after the storm.

Thank you and please be safe.